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Love new tools as much as we do? We're here to keep you on top of the freshest and most cutting-edge tools and accessories there is. If it's the hottest new thing, it's here- whether that's a product launch, a pre-order or an exciting new brand launched at ITS.

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Vaunt Multi Pouch Tool Belt Set
£29.99 ex VAT (£35.99 inc VAT)
Stihl RME 339 Electric Lawnmower
£190.83 ex VAT (£229.00 inc VAT)
O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet 85gm
£5.79 ex VAT (£6.95 inc VAT)
Festool Hoodie
£26.99 ex VAT (£32.39 inc VAT)
Festool Sweatshirt
£45.90 ex VAT (£55.08 inc VAT)