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About Smart Security

Keep your home and your family safe. Smart security brands allow you to monitor all visitors coming and going from your property. You can set up alerts for open windows and doors, or have you doorbell show you who is outside wherever you are.

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Why Consider Smart Security?

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Burglars avoid homes with Security Systems set up and out on display. Smart Security works as an excellent preventative measure to stop burglars from considering breaking in.

Smart home security camera

Keep Watch

Most burglaries take place between 10am - 3pm. This means that you're likely to stop the thieves as you're at work. Using Smart Security you can watch them live and alert the Police immediately.

Ring doorbell camera

Thieves act quickly

Most criminals can burgle a home in less than 10 minutes, meaning they're in and out as quickly as possible. Using Smart Security, you can catch an image of their face and leave it up to the Police.

Nest Outdoor Security Cam

Check your family’s Safe

Going on holiday, out for the evening or going to work? Wherever you are, you can check in on your kids or the babysitter to make sure everyone and everything is as it should be.

Ring Doorbell

Real Time Security Footage

You can view, and record, real-time, high quality security video footage directly to your mobile, so wherever you are you can see that your home is safe & sound.

Canary security camera video

Record Day and Night

Record footage or capture images in high definition even at night with impressive night vision mode. So you can be sure that if something does happen you’ll be able to see it in crystal clear vision.

Canary security camera night vision

Door and Window Detection

Gone out and left a window open? Don’t worry that can be sorted wherever you are with the tap of an app.

Devolo Smart home motion detector

Notifications of Motion

Set up your devices to notify you of any unusual movement or activity. Motion sensors help to catch people in the act.

Canary Security Camera Motion detection

Hear, See, Speak

See an intruder, or expecting a package but had to nip out? With a Smart Home you’ll get notified every time someone comes to the door or sets off the interior motion detectors.

Ring doorbell two way talk
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"Alexa, please turn off my CCTV system and restart it again at 10pm"

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Toggle the lights on/off when there is motion at your door

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