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Your home should be saving you energy. Keeping you safe. Connecting you to what matters most. You spend so much time thinking about home, it's time for your home to start thinking about you. Nest provides a wide variety of connected Products, from security devices to heating devices. Nest is there to keep you and your home safe. The 3rd-generation Nest Learning Thermostat is slim, sleek and beautiful. With a large, sharp display and Farsight, you can see the time or the temperature you’ve set from across the room. And it controls your hot water tank.

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What can the Nest Thermostat do?

Nest Thermostat auto schedule

Auto Schedule

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Just turn it up and down. It learns the temperatures you like and creates a schedule that is tailored to you.

Nest Thermostat Auto Away

Home Away

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Nest automatically turns itself down when nobody’s home to help you save energy.

Nest Thermostat Hot Water

Hot Water

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You can control your hot water tank and give your hot water a boost when you need it.

Nest Thermostat Advanced Modulation

Advanced Modulation

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The Nest Thermostat now uses Open Therm technology to module your compatible, high efficiency condensing boiler. So you can save even more money.

Nest Thermostat Remote Control

Remote Control

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Change the temperature and control your hot water tank from anywhere using your mobile, tablet or laptop.

Nest Thermostat Farsight


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It lights up when it sees you coming and shows you the time or the temperature you've set from across the room.

Heating that learns from you

Heating that learns from you

The Nest Thermostat learns from you. All you need to do is use it as you would a usual thermostat for the first two weeks. The more you use it, the more it learns from your preferences and adjusts it’s settings to fit your lifestyle.

Nest Thermostat Smart Heating

Control your Hot Water

You can control your hot water tank with the Nest Thermostat. It comes with a hot water schedule – just adjust it from the Nest app. You can boost the heat so that you have extra hot water if you want it.

Nest Thermostat learns from you

Saving energy starts with your thermostat

Your thermostat controls 60% of your energy bill. So shouldn't it help you save energy? The Nest Thermostat does. Since 2011, it’s saved over 16 billion kWh of energy in millions of homes worldwide because it learns from you. It gets to know the temperature that you like while you’re at home.

Nest Thermostat saves energy


The Nest thermostat should be installed by a professional. Register to become a Nest Pro on Or get help with your installation by visiting

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Nest protect and Smart Safety

About Nest

It’s time to expect more from your smoke alarm. The Nest Protect has been redesigned from the inside out. It has an industrial-grade smoke sensor, tests itself automatically and lasts up to a decade. It's also the first home alarm you can silence from your phone without any extra hardware required. And just like the original Nest Protect, it tells you what’s wrong and can even alert your phone.

Meet the all-new Nest Protect

The smoke alarm other alarms look up to

Nest Protect tells you where

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Carbon Monoxide is a poisonous gas which can't be smelt or seen. Over 200,000 homes in the UK, every year, experience dangerous levels of Carbon Monoxide and as a result it's important to be safe from it.

Nest protect carbon monoxide

Tests itself

You’re supposed to test smoke alarms monthly. But most people don’t. So Nest Protect checks its batteries and sensors over 400 times a day. And it’s the first alarm that uses Sound Check to quietly test its speaker and siren once a month.

Tells you where the danger is. And when one speaks, they all speak. So the alarm in your bedroom can tell you there’s smoke downstairs.

Nest Protect checks its battery


Nest Cam Smart Security

Nest Cam

Nest offer 2 security camera options; Nest Cam Indoor and Nest Cam Outdoor

Nest Cam security cameras are designed to help you look after your home and family – even when you are away. With 24/7 live streaming, person alerts with Nest Aware (sold separately) and one app for all Nest products. Nest Cam helps you keep an eye on what matters most. From anywhere.

Nest indoor cam and outdoor cam

Alerts you when something happens

You can’t always be watching your video feed. Nest Cam looks for loud sounds, like a boom or the crash of a window breaking. It can the alert you with a photo from the event, and can even save some of the pictures in the Nest app for three hours.

Nest cam recording to cloud

Plug in and go security

Your security camera shouldn’t sleep on the job. Nest Cam Indoor plugs into the mains power supply so that you never have to worry about dead batteries.

Nest Smart Camera motion detection

Records everything. Just in case

Some cameras can’t stay on all the time because they rely on batteries, so they only start recording when they sense motion. But if they miss something, you will too. With a Nest Aware subscription, Nest Cam continuously records 24/7. And saves up to 30 days if footage securely in the cloud. So you’ll never miss a thing.

Everything works together to keep you safe

Nest Cam Indoor and Outdoor work with other Nest products to keep your home safe and secure. You can even connect Nest to light bulbs and window blinds to make it look as if you’re at home when you’re not.

Nest cam activity zones
Nest cam indoor

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