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Smart Heating

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Make your home as comfortable as possible. Never wait for the shower to warm up, or come back to a cold house. With Smart heating, you can control your heating and your hot water from your phone wherever you are! You can create schedules to fit around any lifestyle whilst keeping your energy bills low.

With certain products, you can even leave it to learn itself so you don’t need to do anything, it’ll just learn what it needs to do itself!

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Nest Thermostat and Nest Heating

Remote Controlled Heating

Make sure you come back to a warm and cosy home. You can turn your heating on or off from anywhere. All you need is for your phone to be connected to Wifi.

Hive Thermostat mobile phone application

Control your Hot Water

You can use your Smart tech to turn your hot water on and off. As well as set schedules and give yourself boosts. That way your water is hot and ready when you are, but also you’re permanently saving money and reducing wastage! Your bills will be far healthier.

Hive water control

Schedule Control

Set up a schedule that fits around your lifestyle! Do you get up early or get in late? Make sure your heating is set to leave your home nice and toasty for you arrival. Or are you going away for a couple of weeks? Then enter Holiday mode and you won’t be paying any unnecessary energy bills.

Honeywell Lyric Schedules


The Nest thermostat is ingenuous. It learns from your behaviour, if you regularly wake up at 2am to feed a baby – then it’ll start turning on the heating for you. Do you always get back from work at 6pm, then it’ll make sure it’s nice and warm for you on arrival, you don’t have to do anything or program anything!

Nest Thermostat learning AI

Room Zoning

Does one room hold heat for longer than another? Or do you like a room to be hotter than another? Well with Smart Heating tech some brands allow you to set different heat settings for different rooms! So your bedroom can be a toasty 22 degrees whilst the lounge stays at a comfortable 17.

Honeywell Lyric TRV and Thermostat
Amazon Alexa Logo

"Alexa, set my bedroom temperature to 21 degrees"

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