Guardzilla smart security camera

About Guardzilla

Guardzilla is the first company to provide affordable wireless security and monitoring cameras that give you that extra set of eyes while you’re away from home and products that offer the deterrence a robust alarm system provides.

What do you Need?

How To Install


Plug in your Guardzilla products. No Hub required


Download and Install the Guardzilla App onto your Smartphone


Connect Guardzilla to your home Wi-Fi and customize your settings

Smart Security

Live Stream Capability

Guardzilla allows you to stream your security camera straight onto your phone, meaning that you can keep an eye on the house whilst away from home. All you have to do is download and install the Guardzilla app on your phone and connect it to your Guardzilla camera.

Guardzilla Smart securiity camera on a desk

No Subscription Required

Unlike some other Smart Home security brands, Guardzilla doesn't require the user to have a subscription to record and save their video footage. The device includes a Micro SD Card slot on the back, meaning you can record directly to an SD.

Guardzilla Smart Security Camera live streaming to a Smart phone

High Definition Footage

Your Guardzilla camera records in High Definition, 720p quality, meaning you can always clearly review your recorded footage. This makes it excellent when you need to view clearly the face of an intruder.

Guardzilla Smart Home Security Camera

Two-way Audio

Use your phone to listen in and broadcast your voice to your Guardzilla camera. Use it to scare of intruders as soon as you spot them.

Guardzilla Smart Home Security Camera in Black

Motion Detection

Precision motion sensors capture movement and send text, push or email alerts directly to your smartphone.

Guardzilla Smart security motion detection

Auto Arm and Disarm

Can be programmed to automatically arm when you leave home automatically disarm itself when you return, through the use of Geolocation.

100 Decibel Siren

The built-in, ear-splitting 100 dB siren will see the back of any intruders. Upon motion detection, the siren will trigger and scare away any intruders.

Guardzilla smart home security with a 100db siren
Guardzilla Smart security cam in black

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