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If you wish you could save energy and subsequently money while helping the environment, Energenie can help grant this wish. Mi|Home is simple to set up and easy to use. The Gateway sets up with a swipe of your phone and your Smart products will pair with just a couple of clicks.

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Smart Heating and Power

Energenie Smart Power plugs

An Economical Solution

The Mi|Home Heating solution allows you to control several rooms from within your house, configuring schedules to enable certain radiators at certain times.

Energenie MiHome Smart Thermostat and TRV

Maintains Temperature

The Energenie Radiator Valve maintains it's temperature by monitoring the external temperature, using its internal sensors. The Radiator Valve opens and closes itself, in order to maintain the radiator's temperature.

Energenie MiHome Smart Thermostat and Smart TRV

Connects to your Phone

The entire Mi|Home Solution can be managed from anywhere at anytime via the Mi|Home app on your Android or iOS device

Energenie MiHome connected to a smart phone application

All the control you Need

The Energenie Mi|Home app lets you set up groups, routines and rules so you have total control of your lights, radiators and applications

Energenie MiHome Smart phone app

Geofencing Enabled

Enable Geofencing and set up rules around your Smart Home, so you can turn the kettle on when you're 5 minutes away.

Energenie MiHome making use of Geolocation
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"Alexa, turn on Living room TV plug"

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Switch you Energenie Mi|Home Adapter on everyday at sunset

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