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Devolo Networking and Home Control ensures you have full control over your home. Make your living spaces even more secure, convenient and energy-efficient with the first DIY Smart Home. Devolo Home Automation makes intelligent living easier than ever: just unpack and get started - you can enjoy the comfort in your new home.

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Home Networking

Wi-Fi Powerlines

Devolo specialises in producing Powerlines, which are Wi-Fi Adaptors that deliver your internet signal through your home's electrical wiring into any room, acting as a powerful Wi-Fi Extender.

Devolo Powerline in use

Smart Heating

Devolo Smart Thermostat on a radiator

Multi-room Control

Devolo's Smart Thermal Radiator Valves give you the ability to control the temperature of every room in your house, all from your phone. This means that you're no longer wasting energy, heating a room if you know it isn't going to be used. The rooms you are using, however, will remain at your perfect temperature.

Devolo Smart Thermostat and TRV

Scheduled Routines

The Devolo Thermostat allows you to individually configure Heating Schedules for every day of the week, meaning you can warm up the Lviing Room before you even walk in the door. This is all controlled from one simple app, givigin you the ability to set up time control, rules and control the temperature of your rooms - all whilst away from home.

Devolo Smart Thermostat and TRV in use

Easy Installation

all of Devolo's Smart Home products are designed with easy installation in mind. All you need is a Z-Wave Hub, such as the Devolo Home Control Centre, and the Smart Home products themselves and they'll all simply connect together.

Devolo Smart Thermostat

Smart Security

Motion Detection

The Devolo Home Control Motion Sensor gives you optimal protection in your own home. The wireless PIR Motion Sensor can be positioned discreetly at any desired location of your home and keeps a watchful eye on the surroundings at angles of up to 90 degrees. Upon detection, the Motion Detector will promtly alert you with a notification on your phone.

Devolo Smart Security image

Window Movement Sensor

Designed to be small yet powerful, the Window & Door Sensor can be applied to windows, doors and sensitive entrances throughout your home. The sensor reports any suspicious movement to the Devolo Home Control Centre Unit, using the standardised, future-proof Z-Wave Wireless Technology and you'll immediately receive a notification upon detection.

Devolo Smart Motion Detector

Home Alarm Siren

The Devolo Siren gives your smart home a voice. At 110 decibels, it alerts you when your loved ones and your valued possessions are in danger, providing a reliable and unmistakable signal in the event of a break-in, fire, water damage and other dangers.

Smart Home Alarm Siren

Use them in Conjunction

Any of the Devolo Home Control products can be used together with each other, allowing you to expand upon the functionality of the products themselves. For example, you can use the Door & window Contact to trigger the Smart Metering Plug and switch your lights on. Allowing you to walk into your home in comfort.

Devolo Smart Motion Sensor in use with a Smart Power socket

Smart Safety

Devolo Smart Safety Smoke detector

Immediate Notification

The Devolo Smoke Detector will alert you with immediate notification as soon as smoke or carbon monoxide is detected within your home. You can conveniently control the Smoke Detector from your phone and be alerted of any smoke, whilst away from your home. Meaning you could potentially have a neighbour check on your home.

Devolo Smart Smoke Detector
Devolo Smart plug in wall

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