Awox Smart Lightbulb in use

About AwoX

Awox produce a huge range of smart lighting designed with dual functionality. Everything from lightbulbs that can vary in colour and brightness, to bulbs with embedded fragrance diffusers, speakers and even cameras. Controllable via your smartphone using bluetooth, or in some cases WiFi, Awox lighting is a great way to start your smart home experience.

What do you Need?

Smart Lighting

Awox Smart Lightbulb within a lamp

Millions of Colours

Awox provide the option of both White and RGB LED bulbs, giving you the option to alter the ambiance in any room. Connect your phone, via Bluetooth, using the smart App and control your light bulbs from your phone.

Awox Smart Lightbulbs showing several colours

No Hub Required

Awox Lighting is mostly Bluetooth enabled, meaning you don't have to buy a hub, bridges or any form of connector. Simply plug your Awox Bluetooth-enabled Light bulb into your light and connect your phone.

No hub is needed!

Awox Smart Lightbulbs showing that no Smart Hub is needed

Easy to Control

Control your bulbs with movement. Fun and wireless, the SmartPEBBLE creates groups, dims lights and changes colours to set the perfect atmosphere without leaving your sofa.

Awox Smart Lightbulbs being controlled via the Awox Smart Pebble

Tons of Functions

From lightbulbs with Speakers in them to a lightbulb with a built in Security camera, Awox provide a range of easy-to-use lightbulbs. These lightbulbs can be controlled using your smart phone and the Awox smartPEBBLE meaning it can be controlled from almost anywhere in your home.

several Awox Smart Lightbulbs with different colours

Music from your Lights

Some of the products within the AWox Lighting range allow you to play music, audiobooks and more directly through your bluetooth-enabled Awox bulbs!

Awox Smart Lightbulb playing music
Awox Smart Light bulbs in multiple lights

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