IFTTT Brand Logo on a Smart Home


IFTTT gives you the ability to make your Smart Home devices communicate with eachother however you'd like. Using Applets, you can configure your Hue lights to flash when your alarm is going off. Or create an Applet that has your light flash blue when you receive a notification on Facebook.

IFTTT can interact with your Smart Devices

IFTTT Nest Cam

Smart Security

Automatically turn on your Hue Lights when your Nest Cam detects motion or sound.

IFTTT Hive Thermostat

Smart Heating

Set your heating to 21 Celecius when you're 20 minutes from home.

IFTTT Nest Protect

Smart Safety

Receive an emegency phone call when your Nest Protect detects Carbon Monoxide.

Follow the setup instructions


Choose a Smart Home Device that is compatible with IFTTT.


Follow the instructions to setup the device and connect your IFTTT Applet to your device.


Let IFTTT do the rest of the work! As soon as your Applet is triggered, you'll see the result isntantly.

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Help and Advice

Help and Advice