Which Resin Should I choose

There are currently three resins in the GlassCast range; GlassCast 3, 10 and 50. The numbers relate to the thickness, in millimetres, that each resin is typically used at; i.e. 3mm, 10mm and 50mm.

As well as the different thicknesses, these resins are also intended for slightly different purposes. GlassCast 3 is a coating resin and has been developed to offer the smoothest, flattest surface finish possible. GlassCast 10 and 50 are casting resins, they are designed to offer the clearest, bubble-free castings possible when doing thicker pours but don't offer quite the same smooth, shiny surface finish as the GlassCast 3.

Glossy Coatings

up to 5mm thick

For projects like:
  • Penny Floors

    or resin over other objects/textures

  • Decorative Floors

    Using Colours or Metallic effects

  • Clear Coating on Artwork

  • Resin Art

    Using colour pigment and effects

  • Countertops / Kitchen Units

    using colour pigments and effects

  • Glossy Bartops and Tabletops

    Clear coating over wood

  • Doming Labels / Badges

  • Resin Surfaces

    Over planks, pallet wood etc.

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Smaller Castings

up to 10mm thick

For projects like:
  • Resin Jewellery

    Clear or tinted

  • Wood and Resin Jewllery

    With or without tints and effects

  • 3D Resin Art

    Using layers, pigments and effects

  • Clear Figurines or Castings

    Into moulds like RTV silicone

  • Pen Blanks

    Using marbled colour and effects

  • Knife Handles and Mikarta

    With various Fabris and materials

  • Thick Countertops

    Up to 10mm, with inclusions

  • Resin Surfaces

  • Simulated Water

    For models and dioramas

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Thick Castings

up to 50mm thick

For projects like:
  • River Tables

    Clear or with tints or effects

  • Knot-Holes and Large Gaps

    Clear or with tints or effects

  • Clear Casting

    Figurines, larger jewellery, paperweights

  • Wood Turning

    Bowls, larger turning blanks

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