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What is Dewalt Flexvotl





Dewalt are one of the biggest and most well respected power tool brands in the world. With the release of 'FLEXVOLT' they have broken new ground.




FlexVolt Battery

So What Is It?

FLEXVOLT, or XR FLEXVOLT is a brand new battery platform that offers the power of corded with the mobility of cordless. The 54v battery platform delivers never before seen energy outputs which powers the FLEXVOLT tool range.

This battery offers 54 volts of energy, which when you consider most cordless tools run 18v and site generators pump out 110v, you can see the gap is being bridged rapidly.

Not only does this new platform start to close the gap between corded and cordless but also it has a unique feature. The FLEXVOLT 54v battery is fully compatible with standard 18v XR tools so it can be used with your existing range of 18v li-ion tools and chargers.










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FlexVolt Battery

What's Flexvolt used for?

Dewalt explain that the idea of FLEXVOLT is to offer better heavy duty performance to their already existing 18v range. Cordless tools are great for convenience and usability, but when it comes to shear power, there are certain jobs that are still much better accomplished with mains machines.

Dewalt have made it their mission to start making cordless tools that ARE able to stand up to the toughest challenge. They set out to create tools that can saw, cut, chisel, and hammer through those heavier materials without the need for a cord.

Looking at the inital range of tools on the FLEXVOLT production line (see below) Dewalt are ticking off their high drain low performance 18v range like Grinders and Circular Saws. ITS can't wait to see where DeWALT take this new range.







FlexVolt Battery

Can I use FLEXVOLT with my current Dewalt Tools?

As long as your tools are part of the 18v XR li-ion range (Take a look at the labels on the batteries/tools) then yes!

The FLEXVOLT battery is completely backwards compatible and upon connection to an 18v tool it becomes a 6.0Ah 18v Battery. Take a look at the 5.0Ah DCB184 battery which is Dewalt's leading 18v battery currently.

So If you get a FLEXVOLT battery you’ll have the same performance but increased runtimes! The Flexvolt batteries can be charged using conventional XR chargers too (Charge times will increase over the 5.0Ah).





Check out the first line up for FLEXVOLT tools, batteries & chargers
Dewalt DCB546 Dewalt 54v 6.0Ah XR FLEXVOLT Li-ion Battery Dewalt DCB132 Dewalt 54v XR FLEXVOLT Dual Port Charger Dewalt DCG414 Dewalt 54v XR FLEXVOLT Li-ion Grinder Dewalt DCS388 Dewalt 54v XR FLEXVOLT Li-ion Reciprocating Saw Dewalt DCS7485N Dewalt 54v XR FLEXVOLT Li-ion Cordless Table Saw Dewalt DCS777 Dewalt 54v XR FLEXVOLT Li-ion Cordless 216mm Mitre Saw Dewalt DCS575 Dewalt 54v XR FLEXVOLT Li-ion Circular Saw Dewalt DCS397 Dewalt 54v XR FLEXVOLT Li-ion Alligator Saw








Popular questions about the Dewalt FLEXVOLT range:






Q: What is the Amp Hour of the battery when it is being used in 54v?
A: It’s a 2.0Ah battery when being used on 54v tools, which doesn’t sound a lot but having seen lots of demos so far I haven’t seen a battery struggle or run out of juice in the middle of an application.

Q: Is there a 9.0Ah FLEXVOLT battery coming?
A: Yes, I’ve seen it we just don’t have confirmation as to the date of release.

Q: What other FLEXVOLT tools are coming out?
A: Plenty! Dewalt are going all out on this launch and are going to be ticking off all high drain tools. I’ve since 2 or 3 more mitre saws to complete the different blade size options, as well as demolition hammers and SDS Max’s. We’ll keep an eye out and announce via facebook when we hear anything!

Q: Why have I seen some FLEXVOLT stats at 60V and some at 54V?
A: Is to do with America and the UK having different unit measurement to us. In America initial battery voltage is measured without a workload (no load) where as in the UK we measure it with a load so 20v, 60v and 120v volts in the states is actually 18v, 54v and 108v

Q: How big are FLEXVOLT batteries?
A: They are the same width and length as your current 18v Li-ion batteries