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  • How to set up your Festool TS55R

  • You’ve bought a TS55R, well done on a great purchase!

    Obviously I would recommend reading the user manual, but I know many of you are never even going to open it.

    Remember this is a precision engineered machine, and as such there a couple of things you should know to make sure you get the best out of it.


    Firstly you will need to set up the machine to fit the guide rail exactly; this will ensure that you have straight and true cuts for the future. When you place the saw on the guide rail for the first time you will see that there is a small amount of play on the machine. By tightening the green cams on the base plate you will see that the fit becomes tighter, continue to tighten until there is no play. Be careful not to over tighten these cams, there should be no play in the saw but also the saw should glide along the guide rail with no resistance. If it requires effort to push the saw along the guide rail then you need to loosen the cams.

    Done? Great now let’s move to step 2. You may have noticed that the splinter guard on you guide rail seems to be too big as it is overhanging the edge of the guide rail. This is deliberate once the saw has been correctly fitted to the guide rail you can now turn on the saw and run the saw down the guide rail to cut off the excess from the splinter guard. Now just clip the green splinter guard to the machine and you are ready to go!

    Have fun.

    See the video below for a demonstration from festool themselves about how to do all of the above.

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    3 comments on “How to set up your Festool TS55R
    1. Brucet. says:

      can festool blades be re-sharpened as per standard blades

      • Richard Hughes says:

        Yes there is no reason why you couldn’t re-sharpen a Festool TCT blade! I would just see that it would take a very long time. There are places that you can actually send your blades to to get them sharpened.

        • John Shefford says:

          We get all of our saws sharpened by Haydens in Braintree. Only if blade has a lot of teeth missing will they say it’s not worth sharpening and cheaper to buy new blade

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