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  • New – 4Ah 18V Dewalt XR Range

  • Dewalt has now officially launched their Brand New Lithium-ion Dewalt XR range with 4.0Ah batteries. 

    So what’s exactly changing?

    The original XR series featured 3.0Ah batteries and this is what is changing. Dewalt have managed to make the cell walls of the batteries slightly thinner which takes weight out of the batteries enabling them to increase the amount of active materials in the cell equating to a 4.0Ah runtime and a battery of the same weight. Clever.

    The model numbers see a slight change too. The 3.0Ah range tools end with “L2”, such as the DCK290L2. The new 4.0Ah range have “M2” at the end of them such as the Dewalt DCK290M2 2 Piece Kit.

    The last change is the new status indicator which we think is FANTASTIC.
    This allows you to see how much charge you have left in your batteries so you don’t get caught out with drained batteries!


    What does this mean in real terms?

    This allows you to use your tools for longer between charges, increasing the run time by a massive 33%. Dewalt released a video that has been posted on ITS TV highlighting this with an impact driver.

    What about my current Dewalt 18V XR tools?

    Well if you want to upgrade the batteries to 4.0Ah, you can do exactly that. The original 3.0Ah range of XR tools work with the new 4.0Ah batteries so you can just go ahead and upgrade to the new 4.0Ah Batteries. The charger is also the exact the same charger as the original one so you wouldn’t even need to purchase a new charger.

    What do you think?

    Here at ITS, we certainly see this as a massive step forward in the right direction with increased run time and battery technology moving forward. Every tradesperson wants as much productivity as they can get from their tools and this is what the Dewalt 18V XR 4.0Ah range does.


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