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  • New Dewalt tools for Autumn 2015

  • We love new products here at ITS in the coming months we’ve got NEW Dewalt tools and accessories that are set to be ground breaking and we’re certain you’re gonna love ’em!

    Although Autumn can seem like an end (depending on the veracity of the Summer), we like to see the changing of the seasons as a new beginning! Afterall, each October there’s a new ITS catalogue and this Autumn, we’re super excited that there’s gonna be an selection of brand new Dewalt products to join our already extensive range.

    Dewalt DWST1-75663 Toughsystem Jobsite Radio

    Dewalt DWST1-75663 Toughsystem Jobsite Radio

    The Dewalt DWST1-75663 has DAB funtionality, the ability to charge Dewalt batteries and your phone, has Bluetooth connectivity for remote music playback, has dust and water resistance and promises a great sound quality. Plus, it’s part of the Dewalt Toughsystem range so can stack on top of Toughsystem cases for easy storage and transport. Isn’t that everything you’ve ever wanted in a jobsite radio?

    Charge your Dewalt Batteries? Easy peasy!

    Although not having any juice in your phone is annoying, running out of power in your tools when you need it can be even more frustrating. It’s reassuring knowing that you’ve got the charger you need when you need it and with the Toughsystem jobsite radio, you’ve got no worries. It has a specific slot to charge your Dewalt batteries so while it’s charging your phone and playing your tunes, it’s replenishing the power in your batteries. Powerful.

    DAB, Bluetooth, Phone Charging – it’s all there

    The Dewalt DWST1-75663 features DAB, Phone/Battery charging and Bluetooth connectivity – all within the same unit which, as far as we’re aware, is the first jobsite radio to do so in the UK. About bloody time is what I say!

    With DAB, you get access to over 100 digital stations catering for all tastes. Not only that though, if a DAB signal is hard to come by, you’re able to get all the FM/AM stations you know and love and this radio can save 12 FM presets as well as 6 AM stations. If you’re tired of the radio however, you can connect your phone/tablet too giving you the ability of playing all the tunes you’ve got stored away. You can do this remotely using Bluetooth connectivity as well as through a standard 3.5mm AUX jack. Next to this input is a USB port which takes care of charging your phone/tablet when it’s battery is running low. Nifty.

    To access the USB and AUX jack, you have to open up the big yellow flap on the top of the radio which has space to store a number of items so when you charge your phone using the radio, you can keep it safely stored away from the elements. The unit is water and dust resistant with an rating of IP54 (protected against dust and water jets). Even the speakers are protected! With a class D amplifier and digital sound processor for audio optimisation, you’ll be more than happy with the quality of sound whether you’re listening to Mozart or Major Lazer.

    As it’s part of the Toughsystem range of storage products from Dewalt, you are able to stack this unit on top of other Toughsystem cases which makes it extremely easy to transport and gives you the security of knowing that all your tools and accessories are in the same spot.

    I’m loving the features of this radio, it’s really got all the bells and whistles that the trade have been waiting for. It’s surprising that we’ve been waiting so long for the DAB/Bluetooth/Charging combination to come about and it’s great that Dewalt have been the brand to step up to the mark. I’m sure that the DWST1-75663 is going to be a landmark in jobsite radios and as Dewalt’s other radios have been so popular at ITS, we’re expecting these to fly off the shelves.

    Dewalt DCB183B & DCB184B Bluetooth Batteries

    Dewalt DCB183B & DCB184B Bluetooth Batteries

    Since the advent of Lithium-Ion technology, there has been little development in battery features aside from the progression of amp-hour contained within said batteries. However, Dewalt have come up with an idea that could help you in a real way, whether on site or in a workshop.

    With the Bluetooth functionality, you are able to connect your phone or tablet to the batteries using the Dewalt Tool Connect app. Using this app, you can keep an eye on battery charge but also receive real-time battery-health updates. The app has a ‘check-in / check-out’ functionality so you can lend out batteries and/or tools in an organised and efficient way. Plus if you think that your batteries have been stolen for any reason, through Dewalt Tool Connect you can remotely shut them down.

    Although there’s been some debate here in the office here regarding the need for such technology in batteries, it’s an interesting development that I feel is worth a watch. For security, inventory management and knowing that your batteries are always ready – these Bluetooth Batteries could be a real asset but what do you think? Would you think that these sort of features would be useful in your work-life? Let us know your thoughts in our comments section below.

    Dewalt DCN660 2nd Fix Nailer

    Dewalt DCN660 2nd Fix Nailer

    There’s been quite a lot of excitement following the announcement of the DCN660’s release which we’re expecting here at ITS around September (pre-order here) and it’s understandable to say the least.

    It’s Dewalt’s first Li-ion Brushless 2nd fix nailgun and as such, they’ve filled it with the latest technology. The DCN660 doesn’t require any gas so you don’t have to deal with any annoying mess or smell or additional accessories for it to work perfectly. It has a lightweight and compact design that’s engineered for improved comfort.

    The DCN660 features a super effecient and lightweight Brushless motor which saves you time and money. As there are no touching parts in these motors, no friction is created so no energy from the battery is wasted. With a sequential mode allowing precision placement, a bump mode for increased production and a mechanical firing system so you can work quicker, faster with consistent performance, even at low temperatures.

    I’m so happy that we’re about to talk about this new nailer, the reaction we’re getting about it already has been out of this world! It’s been a long time coming and as such, this really is a cordless nailgun to be excited about. From our point of view, we’re also excited because we’re going to be the first in the UK to stock it so pre-order yours now and be the first out of your mates to get this tasty piece of kit!

    Dewalt DWST1-75522 Toughsystem Organiser & DWST1-75654 Toughsystem Tote

    Dewalt DWST1-75522 Toughsystem Organiser
    & DWST1-75654 Toughsystem Tote

    To go alongside the Jobsite Radio above, Dewalt are releasing a couple of other Toughsystem storage solutions that are definitely worth a look.

    The 75522 Organiser is another of the stackable storage units that’s perfect for keeping all your smaller bits and bobs organised and ready to use. The removable tubs that are included vary in size so whether it be nuts, bolts, bits or blades, there’s room for them all and as the cover is see-through, you can quickly and easily locate just what you need.

    Like the organiser and radio, the 765654 Tote attaches to all the other Toughsystem products in the range. You are able to keep everything locked together when the tote’s handle is folded away whilst still having the flexibility using the tote as a standard holdall. With an extremely spacious capacity and the ability of transporting weights of up to 20kg, this tote is definitely coming from the school of hard knocks!

    Building upon this ‘tough’ range is a great idea and I’m especially loving the DWST1-75654 tote simply because of the holdall/stacking flexibility it gives you – as well as the tough, badass quality that Dewalt Toughsystem storage units give you.

    Dewalt Soft Storage

    Hard cases and bags are all very well but for the more mobile solution, you need something wrapped around you with everything you need for the day. Dewalt’s new range of soft storage is designed to be strong, durable and comfortable to wear. They feature strong 1200 denier polyester fabric that holds Dewalt organiser tubs with rugged PVC bottom that protects against the daily rigours of everyday life on site. Finished off with double-reinforced front pockets, these portable storage solutions really look the business.

    New Dewalt tools and accessories – our roundup

    I sure that all the Dewalt fanboys are gonna been loving all these new tools and accessories, there’s some jewels in there but also some diamonds-in-the-rough that have real potential… But what’s your take on these new products? Seriously, we’d love to know what you think, either on the comments section or socially on Facebook,Twitter or Google+

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    9 comments on “New Dewalt tools for Autumn 2015
    1. Darren says:

      can u tell me if we r gettin the new xr cordless mitre saw this year

      • Richard Hughes says:

        Hi Darren, i’ve heard on word on it so my assumption is that Dewalt are going to miss release this year. But its very likely that we’ll see something early next year.

    2. Rob says:

      Hi, could you tell me when the tough system radio, organiser and tote will be released?

      • Richard Hughes says:

        Hi Rob,

        We don’t yet have an exact date for these products we’ve just got “Back end of 2015” As soon as I get an update i’ll be sure to drop you another reply on here to let you know.


    3. James says:

      Any news on a cordless planer for dewalt please

    4. Dean says:

      Hi any idea if makita have an 18/36v brushless recip saw in the pipeline??

    5. James Watts says:

      Hi,any news on the tough system dab radio yet?

    6. Peter says:

      Hi is an upgrade to the dcd995 from dewalt comming out soon? Beacuse makita and milwaulkie have brought out drills with 125-130 Nm of torque on their heavy duty drills. Would like a dewalt version of this.

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