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  • New DeWALT power tools join the XR range

  • So our buying team has been down at DeWALT HQ today for the launch of a number of new products that are joining their prestigious 18v Li-ion XR range. Its a pretty exciting launch so we thought we’d bring you all the specs and news as quick as possible here on the ITS blog.

    DCD995M2 – Dewalt XR 3 Speed Brushless Hammer Drill Driver (Combi)

    Dewalt DCD995M2

    Following on from the release of the massively popular DCD795M2 which was a 2 speed brushless combi, Dewalt have added to the range with a new combi that is really the cream of the crop. This new heavy duty hammer drill driver, or ‘combi’ if you prefer is made for tough working conditions and full time use. Boasting an impressive 81Nm of Toque this combi is built for large drill bits and even larger materials. The Dewalt DCD995M2 also has an LED job light and a 3 speed fully metal transmission, which is an absolute show stopper and gives your gears a solid and robust casing.

    DCK250M2 – Dewalt Brushless 2 Piece Kit

    Dewalt DCK250M2

    Another addition to the ever increasing range of Dewalt 18v XR kits, this is an all new brushless 2 piece kit. You may be aware of a previous kit which included a brushless impact driver with a normal brushed combi, well now the DCK250M2 is 100% brushless! That’s right both the DCD795 hammer drill driver (combi) and the DCF886 impact driver have brushless motors. I’m sure you know by now that brushless motors mean a slight increase in job capacity, overall greater runtime per battery charge and ultimately a longer lifetime of your drill itself. It achieves this by NOT having a bunch of brushes and components touching each other during use – Less friction means less heat and more concentrated energy.

    DCK694M3 – Dewalt Brushless 6 Piece Kit

    Now this new kit has it all! Building on the popular DCK692M3 kit this set also includes a standard Jigsaw, Circular Saw, Grinder and torch but now is able to offer the top of the range DCF886 Brushless Impact Driver and the DCD995M2 Brushless Hammer Drill Driver (as mentioned above). This is going to be one of the most sought after cordless power tool kits around.

    DCS355 – Dewalt 18v XR Brushless Oscillating Multi-Tool

    Dewalt DCS355

    Now this certainly makes us stand up and take note. Since the launch of the XR range Dewalt have been working around the clock to develop more and more tools to fit within the family. The latest ‘new’ tool is this the DCS355 Oscillating Multi-Tool.

    One of the first things we noticed was that Dewalt are offering the DCS355 in a variety of different packages. You can of course buy a body only and fit on your own batteries,  its also going to be supplied within some larger kits, or you can buy it with either 2.0Ah or 4.0Ah Dewalt batteries. This isn’t just giving you the option of keeping costs down with the 2Ah version but Dewalt’s research team informed us that people tend to prefer a Multi-Tool to remain lightweight, even if it means a lower Amp battery and reduced runtime. However as im sure there are plenty of you that will want the increased runtime of the 4.0Ah version it is still on the table so its your choice really.

    An exciting year ahead for Dewalt Power Tools

    So that gives you a little taster of what we can expect from DeWALT in the next few months, all the power tools above will be available from ITS in January 2014 and as ever they will be here in stock ready for next day delivery.
    We will no doubt get the cameras out and bring you a video for ITS TV as soon as we can, so keep your eyes out on the ITS Blog and on our youtube channel for all the latest news, reviews and guides. If you know any Dewalt fans out there please share this blog by clicking below.

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    30 comments on “New DeWALT power tools join the XR range
    1. Paul Gamble says:

      Hi guys

      Was looking at Makita 2002 kit … but concerned about relatively low torque when compared to brushed alternatives from AEG / Bosch etc.

      This 995 seems to meet all requirements … but I was hoping for one of those cost effective kits like the 2002. Are you doing one ?


      • Richard Hughes says:

        Hi Paul,
        Well it depends on a few factors – right now we don’t have plans to do a value 2 piece kit with the Dewallt 995, but it may be something we get in, in the future. As for a Makita kit have you looked at the DLX2005M (4Ah) or the DLX2005X (3Ah) which feature the DHP458 which is Makita’s heavy duty hammer drill driver and gives you the extra torque over over the DHP480 from the 2002. However the with the 2005 kit neither of the tools are brushless.

        Another kit you may want to look at is the MILHD18PPA2A402C from Milwaukee – this has a heavy duty combi drill and impact driver – but again neither is brushless.

        As for Dewalt & Makita Heavy Duty Brushless 2 piece kits they don’t actually make them yet – but my suspicion is that later on this year we’ll see a brushless version of the DHP458 from Makita and a 2 piece brushless heavy duty kit from Dewalt. You just may have to hang on for a few months.

        Please let me know if you have further questions

    2. daniel hammond says:

      does anybody know when dewalt are going to release a 18v xr planer ??? somebody must know its the only thing stopping me buying the dewalt kit. Im in two minds about buying the makita kit or the dewalt i think i would go for dewalt if the had a planer as im not really a fan of makita. so any ideas ?????

    3. Tom says:

      Does anybody know when dewalt going to release 18v xr range 2nd fix nailgun?…..

    4. James mcnab says:

      Hi do you know when/if dewalt are releasing the dewalt brad 18v nail gun with the new lithium ion 18v slide battery’s? Thanks

      • Richard Hughes says:

        Hi James, you’re not the only one asking that. Although we have no solid updates to bring you, I can safely say that it is being worked on by the design geeks over at Dewalt and as soon as there is news we’ll be the first to bring you it!

    5. dean says:

      I have the range of dewalt xr kit. But seriously thinking of changing back over to the makita kit again. The range is much better and kills the need to carry power. Shame cos the dewalt gear is better but the range is a let down

    6. steven green says:

      when are dewalt gonner bring out a 18v battery plainer

    7. Craig says:

      Have you put the price up on the pre sale of the Dewalt DCN660 body only ?

    8. davids says:

      Hi, any word on a release date for the xr cordless planer yet?

    9. Curtis says:

      Hi do you know when dewalt are going to bring out the xr 18v planer. It’s a shame they haven’t yet

      • Richard Hughes says:

        The only infomation i’ve got is to ‘stay tuned’ early next year as there may be something big.

        Now it could be something different but I would suspect it we’re going to be getting our first look at the Dewalt cordless planer.

    10. Craig says:

      Hi Richard

      Have you any info on the 18v cordless mitre saw in the uk… It’s been out in the US for some time now.

      Thanks Craig

      • Richard Hughes says:

        Hi Craig,

        Not in terms of realease date no, the best we’ve been told is “first half of 2016” but nothing more helpful im afraid.

        I’ll make sure we do a blog on it as soon as we hear anything.


    11. Karl says:

      Hopefully dewalt get there finger out in the new year with the mitre saw and planer. Do you know if there’s any plans of a cordless router?

    12. Liam says:

      Any news on a cordless planer yet makita has had 1 on the market for ages now Dewalt are taking the piss

    13. danny says:

      Have to say that the dewalt range is brilliant have just started this year collecting your tools jumped over from Hitachi power tools but am very disappointed to find out you do not supply a 18v planner..which i have to mention Hitachi do so is this something I can expect in the new year

    14. Craig says:

      Hi, do you know when/or if de walt will realise an 18v orbital palm sander? Thanks

    15. Peter says:

      Hi are dewalt going to be releasing a 125Nm of torque brushless 3 speed combi drill like makita??? This would be a class bit of kit.

    16. David says:

      Hi it’s new year now, any idea on the dewalt cordless planer and chopsaw I’ve seen on website says available soon and prices!?? Must be close!??? My first purchase of 2016 that’s for sure!!!


    17. James says:

      Any update on 18v xr planer.
      Also any plans for 18v xr plunge saw or router

    18. Craig says:

      Hi Richard
      I have to say the uk dewalt cordless miter saw dcs365 looks very substandard compared to its American counterpart dcs361
      Do you have any idea when we will see the dcs361 arriving in the uk ?

      Kind regards Craig

    19. Ian says:

      Currently renewing my kit witch is mostly 110 witch I’ve had for years many different brands done the job but didn’t see the need to change to battery till now as I’m seing the benefits all-round from other colleagues who have kept up with the times anyways when I buy I buy the best and I’ve always been a dewalt fan, I’ve already started the ball rolling with some tools but being a joiner I’ve noticed that the jigsaw, circular saw, in particular are not brushless yet is there any wind of this changing soon or should I just go ahead and get the brushed that’s available. Also as I said when I buy I buy the top of the range but I feel a more layman’s term to tool statis without trying to work out what all the science difference is between tools that everyone seems to talk about,I.e there is many impact guns in range, why don’t they just make one daddy one, like let’s say I need an impact gun so I type dewalt impact gun and there it is all singing and dancing version click buy and that’s it done. Ps I’m quite an old journeyman I served my time when we had to do things you hand I’m sure there’s be a few of me left out there who feels the same
      Cheers in advance for any feedback

    20. Dave malone says:

      Is there ever going to be an xr cordless router ? If so when is it likely… thanks

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