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  • Makita’s all new CXT 10.8v Li-ion Range has landed!

  • Makita are always working hard to improve and increase the size of their range! You are probably already well aware of their massive and popular 18v li-ion range (LXT) that you’ve most likely seen on sites up and down the country, however you may not be so aware of the high quality yet lightweight 10.8v li-ion range.

    Its been a massive hit with furniture makers, electricians and a whole host of second fixer carpenters amoungst others. And now – its got even better!

    Makita are proud to introduce their all new and improved CXT (Compact eXtreme Technology). With this range they have blended the lightweight, ergonomic and portable nature of their original 10.8v range with the design, style and balance of the widely popular 18v tools.

    All this means that now users will be able to get ligher easier on the hand (and wallet) cordless tools that look and feel just like their 18v big brothers. This is most obviously demonstrated by the new 10.8v Li-ion batteries.


    Powering the CTX range

    They now work in a ‘slide on’ fashion (much like all 18v li-ion batteries) instead of the older ‘cassette’ style that they have had. This not only gives a similar aesthetic to the 18v range, but also means you can stand your tools upright, resting on the battery (which really helps us when we have to take photos of them all!).

    Makita will also find it much easier to add extra ‘Ah’ to their batteries when in this shape without changing the shape, size or weight of the batteries very much. Right now they’ve release a 2.0Ah 10.8v Li-ion battery but i know that they’re also on the brink of bringing out a 4.0Ah version, so those of you that’re after impressive runtimes need look no further!

    The CTX batteries are:

    BL1015 – 10.8v 1.5Ah slide on battery
    BL1020B – 10.8v 2.0Ah slide on battery
    BL1040B – 10.8v 4.0Ah slide on battery


    And there are 2 different compact chargers:

    DC10SA – Fast Charger (charge times = 1.5Ah 22mins, 2.0Ah 30mins, 4.0Ah 60mins)
    DC10WC – Fast Charger (charge times = 1.5Ah 50mins, 2.0Ah 70mins, 4.0Ah 130mins)



    What tools are available in the range? 

    Vaunt 2 Piece Trestle Set

    Makita HP331D

    10.8v CXT Li-ion Combi DrillBuy this product. 

    Makita DF031DZ Makita 10.8v CXT Li-ion Drill Driver

    Makita DF031DZ

    10.8v CXT Li-ion Drill DriverBuy this product. 

    TD110DZ Makita 10.8v CXT Li-ion Impact Driver

    Makita TD110DZ

    10.8v CXT Li-ion Impact DriverBuy this product.

    Vaunt 2 Piece Trestle Set

    Makita JR103DZ

    10.8v CXT Li-ion Recip Saw
    Buy this product. 

    HS301DZ Makita 10.8V CXT Li-ion Circular Saw

    Makita HS301DZ

    10.8v CXT Li-ion Circular SawBuy this product. 

    Vaunt 2 Piece Trestle Set

    Makita CLX202AJ

    10.8v CXT Li-ion 2 Piece KitBuy this product. 

    CLX201AJ Makita 10.8v CXT Li-ion 2 Piece Kit

    Makita CLX201AJ

    10.8v CXT Li-ion 2 Piece KitBuy this product. 


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    1. Peter Corrigan says:

      do all makita batteries fit all tool s as my mates do fit mine and im looking to get some 5 am ones

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