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  • Makita DHR263ZJ and DHS710ZJ – Danger Danger High Voltage!

  • Introducing the Makita DHS710ZJ 36v Circular Saw & DHR263ZJ 36v SDS+ Rotary Hammer Drill

    With the forthcoming release of two new power tools, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the tech guys down at Makita have been watching too much top gear (if there is such a thing) because they’re starting to use Jeremy Clarkson’s philosophy of “MORE POWER” when engineering their newest models.

    Makita’s LXT 18v Li-ion range is one of the most popular power tool ranges in the world and because of that there are thousands of jobsites up and down the UK that are powered by Makita 18v li-ion batteries. With that in mind Makita have created two new models that push the 18v battery so far that they actually need 2 of them! And 18v + 18v = OH YES… 36v


    These heavy duty Makita 36v Tools are the DHS710ZJ Circular Saw and the DHR263ZJ SDS+ Rotary Hammer Drill. Both of these tools are compatible with 3Ah & 4Ah 18v Li-ion batteries so if you’re already a Makita fan they’ll fit into your existing family. The battery compartments on both of these tools feature space for 2 of the li-ion batteries, in the same way that the BCV02 converter did. Just slot your batteries in as normal and you’re ready to go!

    Makita DHS710ZJ 36v Circular Saw

    Let’s start with the circular saw; it’s an impressive tool with a blade diameter of 190mm. It can cut to 66mm when the blade is straight, 49mm at a 45 degree angle and 44mm at a 50 degree angle.
    Rotating at an impressive rate of 4600 rpm the DHS710ZJ is one fast circular saw and the 36v of power put it to the top of the pile when it comes to cordless circular saws.


    As always from Makita the ergonomics are great, it sits in your hand(s) easily and feels comfortable during use and it weighs just 4.7kg net which incredibly is less than the current corded 5008MG model.

    The DHS710ZJ will be supplied as standard without any batteries, but WILL come with a Makpac stackable case, 1x saw blade, a hex wrench, rip fence and dust nozzle.

    Makita DHR263ZJ 36v SDS+ Rotary Hammer Drill

    The DHR263ZJ is an impressive specimen, it’s a 26mm cordless ‘combination’ hammer based on the old BHR262 which was Makita’s first 36v cordless machine. Again it is powered by 2 of the Makita 18v Li-ion batteries and is compatible with either the 3Ah or 4Ah versions.


    The DHR263 has 3 different operation modes; Rotary + Hammer, Hammer only and Rotary Only, so that and the 40 different bit angle settings give you plenty of customization for whichever job you’re doing. As usual from Makita it’s got good ergonomics, a battery indicator and an LED light featured.

    In terms of what it can achieve the DHR263ZJ will drill a Maximum bit size of 26mm into concrete, 13mm into steel and 32mm into wood. In hammer mode it reaches 4,800 impacts every minute and 1,200 rotations in rotary mode. So it’s perfect for hammer drilling and chiselling.

    The DHR263ZJ will be supplied as a body only (no batteries) version but will (like the DHS710ZJ) come with a Makpac stackable case.

    So that’s the highly anticipated new range of 36v power tools from Makita. We’re certainly looking forward to seeing how well these tools are regarded and whether or not 36v is really going to be the new standard for cordless power tools or a luxury for the odd tool here and there.

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    3 comments on “Makita DHR263ZJ and DHS710ZJ – Danger Danger High Voltage!
    1. Robert Yates says:

      I have been using both 36 volt tools saw and sds both tools are brilliant ,saw very powerful with a good cutting depth,rips 2 inch timber no problem.sds very powerful with very little vibration.both solid tools I would really recommend them.

      • Andy says:

        Is the sds drill up to scratch. Is it worth the money and do the batteries hold up well. I need something that will drill 12mm holes in concrete almost relentlessly. Let me know. Thanks

        • Robert Yates says:

          I mainly drill 8mm into concrete through 40mm softwood total depth about 110mm using 4 ah batteries I seem to get about 50 holes per charge hope this helps.

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