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  • Makita BL1850 : Makita 5.0Ah Lithium-ion Battery; is it on its way?

  • Could Makita be about to send a shudder down the spines of their competitors with an earlier than thought release of the BL1850, otherwise known as the Makita 5.0Ah battery?

    It seems like only yesterday we at ITS were busy unloading our first batch of the BL18Makita-bl185040 Makita’s 4Ah lithium battery and thinking – at last!

    Makita are joining the age of 4Ah, good on them. Well barely 9 months have passed and suddenly there are whispers around that Makita could be about to go a further step and join the Ah race by releasing a 5Ah version of their incredibly popular lithium-ion LXT battery.

    Information is scratchy from what I can gather, but we’re certainly excited to see what Makita are able to offer us this summer!

    Makita 5ah battery improvements

    Makita Lithium ion batteries or any power tool battery for that matter are graded in two ways, Voltage and Ah (Ampere-hour). Most manufacturers are clawing over one another in an attempt to produce the best possible battery for tradesman by increasing the Ah that their batteries offer. The reason being is that the Ah dictates how long that battery will last per single charge. (This will of course vary depending on application, materials etc…)

    If you look at the most popular battery in the UK the BL1830 which is a Makita 18v li-ion 3Ah battery and its successor the BL1840 (4Ah) then the 4Ah battery’s runtime was up to around 33% longer doing the same job. However it also took longer to charge so downtime (time in which a battery needs to be charged) was reduced, just not reduced by as much as the 33% increase in runtime implies.

    Makita 18v 5Ah Battery BL1850

    Currently no official information is out there but we can quite easily assume that the BL1850 will be increasing on the runtime of the 4Ah battery, probably by around about the same amount (33%). This could mean that the 5Ah BL1850 could achieve up to 70% increase in runtime over its 3Ah equivalent.

    BL1850 battery and charger

    Makita have always strived to make sure that they have an optimal chargetime. If you look at the charge time from flat of the 4Ah batteries (which is 36mins) in comparison to most of their competitors like Dewalt’s XR 4Ah the DCB182 and Bosch’s 4Ah ‘coolpack’ then the Makita wipes the floor with them. The question is will that still be the case with the BL1850 Makita 5Ah battery?

    Well until more information is released I’m afraid that I can’t be more specific but it’s pretty safe to assume that Makita will be trying to keep the charge time of the 5ah as low as possible so I’d guess a similar sort of time to that of their competitors 4ah models, so you’d be looking at around an hour to fully charge one from flat. But I have to re-iterate this is speculation based on previous experiences.


    Makita 5.0ah – Your home for the latest information

    The tomorrows tools team here at ITS will keep researching and digging around to see what we can find out about the Makita 5Ah battery and keep you posted about any changes or the release of the full spec. We expect to see the BL1850 sometime in late 2014 so remember to check back with us here at ITS for all the news, views and reviews you needs!

    What do you think about Makita developing a 5Ah battery so soon after bringing out the 4Ah? Do you think it’s a load of fuss over nothing or are you looking forward the increased runtime that you can expect? Let us know what you think by commenting below and you can keep your friends and colleagues in the loop by using the social sharing buttons!

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    3 comments on “Makita BL1850 : Makita 5.0Ah Lithium-ion Battery; is it on its way?
    1. JOHNNY G says:


      • jonny says:

        Hi there Johnny G.

        Are you the official denier of Makita on behalf of DeWalt.

        I have used the 4 amp for the last 6 months and there is nothing wrong with them. They are in fact very good.

    2. Tommy says:

      I have to agree with Jonny. I’ve never had any problems with any of my makita tools or the 3 or 4 amp batteries. In fact some of my 3 amps are probably coming on for 4 years and still going strong. Can’t say the same for all my Black and Decker sorry Dewalt tools that I had before that all slowly broke as they were poor build quality.

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