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  • ITS take a closer look at the Dewalt DCN690 Cordless Framing Nailer

  • Here at ITS (along with everyone else it seems) are very excited about the new Dewalt nailer – The DCN690, so we sent a member of our sales team (Steve) over to Dewalt to spend the day getting to know it in a bit more detail… after which he’ll have to train our entire sales department.

    S Sideteve Said “It was a great day, Dewalt really looked after us and I learnt plenty about nailers”. (And I can confirm that a Dewalt certificate is taking pride of place on Steve’s desk)

    The DCN690 is the latest product to enter the increasingly popular Dewalt 4.0Ah 18v XR range, and is a cordless 18v framing nailer that utilises Dewalt’s latest XR brushless technology, meaning that there’s far less wasted energy so your batteries last longer. So why did we all get so excited about this new nail gun I hear you ask? Because it’s a world’s first that’s why!

    Never before has a framing nailer run off a normal 4.0ah 18v Li-ion battery and not require any gas! Dewalt really have pulled out all the stops with this one.

    Because the Dewalt DCN690 uses mechanical rather than gas operation it offers far more consistent performance at temperatures ranging from -15 to 50 degrees Celsius, an experiment involving a fridge proved it!. This also means that it requires much less maintenance and where with previous nailers you’d have to spend time and money keeping it in working order, the new DCN690 needs minimal cleaning/servicing which saves more time and increases productivity. This can’t be sniffed at because it also means that you just need to buy nails…. No need for that extra gas cell… Saving more money.

    Now how is it sold? Well you have two options (to start with anyway). It’s sold either with 2 batteries, a charger and case, this is the “DCN690M2”, or if you’re already tooled up (yes the pun was intended) with plenty of 18v lithium-ion batteries then you could go for the “DCN690N” which is the body only version.

    Steve “I was blown away by the reliability of it, we tried so hard to create a nail jam and we all failed. I’ve never seen a more reliable tool. The Dewalt guys had to fire a nail directly onto another nail to cause any kind of issue. I’m impressed with the lack of smell as well… my Paslode stank every time I used it, but because the DCN690 uses just batteries didn’t smell at all…”

    This Nail Gun is also full of great little features that should in no way be over-looked; The profiled nose-piece offers extra grip which will provide a stable platform for you to accurately get those nails exactly where you want, and the ‘Tool-Free’ depth adjuster and stall release allows you to work faster and solve those little problems that slow everything down. The DCN690 also boasts a fault indicator light to communicate instantly why your nailer has stopped working, so you know straight away why it has failed to fire.

    Steve: “The little extras like the intelligent light are brilliant because it gives you all the info you need if there is a problem, also you can programme it to display how many thousand nails have been fired – so you know if one of your lads has been a bit trigger happy”

    If your site needs a H&S certificate then the training programme Dewalt runs is so easy to do, you have loads of options, like the day the Steve went on, or you can go online on a laptop or tablet and complete it within 15mins, and you get the certificate sent to you. Unlike other manufactures, once you’ve done the training then you are trained for life…. whereas some others ask you to refresh the course every year!!

    Steve: “Overall I’ve been so impressed with what I’ve seen, I was sceptical but Dewalt really have upped their game, I was very impressed with not just this machine but the whole range”

    So that’s the world’s first battery powered 90mm framing nailer; the Dewalt DCN690M2 and DCN690N, with brushless and gas-less technology. Let us know what you think below…

    Click here for the DCN690M2 (With two batteries, a charger and a case)

    Click here for the DCN690N (Body Only)

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    22 comments on “ITS take a closer look at the Dewalt DCN690 Cordless Framing Nailer
    1. Andy towers says:

      Load of crap dewalt fail to tell you when you buy the gun the driver blade is only warranted for 30’000 shots so after six months my gun is in for repairs for a second time which dewalt is not standing the bill. So much for their 12 month warranty never mind the extended three year warranty wot does that cover the box that it comes in.AVOID don’t buy stick with paslode.

    2. richard lewis says:

      I’ve also owned dcn690 nail gun since march this and the driver blade requires replacing at my cost, not happy

    3. Steve Wilson says:

      I have had one of these nailers for 2 weeks and first impressions are not good, I had read loads of great reviews about this nailer and as my paslode was coming to the end of its life, by that I mean misfiring and jamming more often than normal I decided to get one. Got to say tool looks great and looks the part put no way has it got the power of the paslode, about 70% of the time I have to finish driving the nails home with a hammer. I have raised the issue with Dewalt and under warranty they are going to check the nailer. I do really hope its a fault as if this is normal performance I will be asking for a refund. Will let you know outcome ASAP

      • Richard Hughes says:

        Hi Steve,

        Very sorry to hear you’re having issues with your DCN690 Nailer. Im glad to hear however that you’ve conntacted Dewalt themselves, so please keep us posted.

        If theres anything we at ITS can help you with then let me know.


    4. Neville jones says:

      I’ve had one of these nailers since June 2013 and it worked great until the driving blade broke. I sent it to be repaired, I waited 6 weeks to be told parts not available so they sent me a brand new one. As soon as I used the new one it didn’t sound right, and after using it for a while it has now stopped working, the driving blade keeps sticking, it smells of burning and it keeps tripping out. I bought this coz I was sick of paslodes jamming and not firing, but I would definately swap this dewalt for a paslode now! Also the customer services bloke at dewalt had a very bad attitude and wasn’t helpful at all , only interested in how many nails the gun had fired so they don’t have to repair it under warranty, bad service considering I have paid over £550 for this tool!

    5. Dave Shaffer says:

      I was going to buy a DCN690 but after many reviews I will keep my 2 paslodes even if they need a little TLC

    6. Darren Winder says:

      I got mine 2nd hand was fine for a few weeks then the firing pin stopped going in fully, hence it started miss firing took the gun to bits to find 2 springs either side of the firing pin had snapped does anyone know where I can buy spares for the gun as I hate being ripped off by service centres cheers

    7. tommi says:

      ive had my dcn690 for 2 years in september. 1 week before the warenty ran out the return springs shredded and misfired all the time. i always insist on buying the more expensive toold from the shop… even if its a little more pricey its a bonus to put it on the counter and tell them it is their problem! my gun was returned within 1 week repaired! happy with the service.
      i have also recently noticed that dewatl now see this item as a service issue and a ‘HOW TOO!’ is available online along with the springs available on ebay for £17.50
      I considered a paslode for a second gun but having weighed up the cost if nails and initial purchase you make your money back after a couple dozen boxes of nails.
      Being hasppy with all my other dewalt tools and the priceless ability to use any battery in any tool gets me out of a hole often.
      Ive not had any issues with the firing blade
      i think i will be sticking with dealt.

    8. Stefan Offord says:

      Have had the 2 speed dewalt for a couple of months now, thought it was brilliant at first and refuse to go back to paslode as the nails are too expensive being a timber framer and going through a box in a day and the gas for cheaper nails is awful, but now im having a problem where the gun is only firing with the gun shooting horizontally, it will be fine for a couple of hours and then it wont fire up or down?, what could this be?

      • Richard Hughes says:

        Hi Stefan, Im afraid I don’t know the inner workings of the DCN690 inside and out as I only got hands on with it for a few hours. I can certainly send your question over to the guys at Dewalt though. What is the best email address to get in touch on? I’ll fire your question over and when I get a responce I will get it over to you. Richard.

      • Ryan says:

        Have you changed the springs? 17 quid on ebay

    9. Steve prince says:

      Just recently purchased the new DCN690 , started working fine until now. It won’t fire for some reason , the motor works but the pin is not engaging and makes a click when fired. What could this be, It’s not even fired 500 nails never mind 30,000 . Help please.

    10. Scott murray says:

      Had the dcn690 3 years hardly used. springs have burst and new ones fitted. Now only fires Nails half way into timber. Not happy with this. And all my tools are dewalt never had a problem with anything else

    11. Rick keevil says:

      I bought DCN692. Dewalt advertised no gas. Save money on gas. Within a year and maybe 5 boxes of nails started working erratic. Needs new springs. Dewalt parts spring kit close to sixty dollars!!!

      Paslode is cheaper to operate and sets nails better. Convience is great, but $60 for 2 springs?

      I keep my passcode in truck so when dewalt craps out again I can keep working

    12. Brady says:

      Brought 2nd hand dc690 and it always misfires. Have to remove nail chamber fire with no nails until it sounds like it should, reinstall nails then it’s flags outbagain 3-4 nails latter.! Pain in the arse!! What should I do? Change springs? It also sounds like the motor struggles when it misfires and takes a long time to wind down. Please help

    13. Anto mc intyre says:

      Bought this 6months ago same thing as boys are saying motor comes on but wont fire and try again will fire 3 nail them stop again so annoying angry roofer.

    14. Tom says:

      Yes I have this nail gun and all the time it fires a nail and gets stuck in timber and stuck in the nail gun so my nail gun is stuck to the timber

    15. david says:

      hi. ive had the dcn692 for about a year. didnt sign up to the extended warrenty stupidly. At first the gun was fantastic now sadly its falling apart! The springs inside snapped so i replaced but now it only fires 50 percent of the time and theres a special way to do it. The selector for which setting to fire on has broken and i now have duck tape holding it in place. The worst thing however is when you go to nail something it just clicks but doesnt fire. Its driving me crazy!

    16. marcus says:

      hi, mind lasted 5 hours nailed into lvl beam then had no power an nails getting jamed , no warranty mr dewalt in auckland said hes said i used lub or water what a joke still sitting up there 495 bucks to fix back to air !!

    17. Joe doucette says:

      I have this gun for a year now and I was very impressed at first thought it was great when I read the reviews and dewalts website about the gun but as I used it more the gun cannot hold up to the requirements of framing houses jams way too much and the fact you can’t oil it to keep things running smoothly is annoying I think I am going back to my paslode framing nailer and compressor

    18. Paulie says:

      I think after a days use of my new dcn692 I’ve worked out what the issue is with these guns and I’ve only found it hinted at in another forum, when I first bought it bare I tried it with a box of paslode 90s I had in the shed (i can’t even get the dewalt nails here in UK anyway and for the second fix gun Screwfix want more for the dewalt then the paslode pins with gas lol!!!) And a 1.3ah battery I have for my dewalt xr 2nd fix gun. So I fired around 20 shots and although you can tell with both these dewalt guns they don’t have the power and with that the precision the paslodes have( yes I’ve got both and for some years well maintained regularly) they do have the speed. But here’s what I found, it worked fine in the garden that night I got it, then the first day I was framing a 6×2 floor with some cheap 90s rings bank nails from the office at work wow the gun was hell! Every other shot on a knot it would only fire half in, so I’m thinking is the battery not enough…. But I know AH is only amp hour ( longevity not power) so I used the unjamb lever lots and some times it wasn’t enough I had to push the pin back down with a nail and a hammer from down the barrel…. I was fuming, how could they release this I thought, then eventually after lots of time wasted I started nailing the floor sheets of OSB and using 50s ringed and it started getting a bit better I even knocked it down to gear 1. Then it soon went bad again, even jamming twice with the nail snapped and stuck in the barrel. So in shock I worked out (without the instructions on me) how to remove the magazine it’s 3 bolts and a nice design out popped the snapped nail head and flick went the drive hammer pin back in the machine body…. And here’s the good stuff, one the second time I took the magazine off that day I thought right do I need to oil this shaft? But it clearly states not to, then i started thinking why that could be bad? Cos things might stick to it right and it’s a very precise narrow chamber…. So I cleaned it instead and you know what, there was bits of those cheap nails probably the rings breaking off right down that chamber… And guess what? When I put that sucker back together and went and got my paslode nails from the car(this was the second day now and I had took them cos I suspected it was the crappy nails) yes you got it, it started firing just fine for the rest of the day. The brand of nails I had not seen before they were fire-something with a red tip… Not those yellow tipped popular ones but you know what, I need a little bit more time with this gun and I need some 4 amp to see if it’ll drive them any deeper but I’m pretty sure the key to this gun not messing up on you and blowing your productivity and making you look a fool is USING THE DEWALT NAILS or crazily enough buying the paslode ones with the gas just to get the quality nail!! And that’s it my people, I think this is a precision tool that just can not handle too much of a variation WHICH THEY SHOULD MAKE MORE CLEAR TO SAVE MESSING UP THE GUN IN OTHER WAYS!) and if I can work this out owning it for 2 days (working) then those useless reps should. Because really I wanted to launch it off that roof i was on but my problem solving brain, wisdom and my thirst to beat this £300 challenge prevailed.

    19. Paulie says:

      Firmahold nails that’s the culprit! Do not use these nails they might be OK in the paslode with more tolerance but I’m certain these were the problem with mine. (And probably all the ones just as crappy) Also read someone else with same problems on ultimate handyman forum I couldn’t remember the brand when I posted last post but he just jogged my memory, Just tried posting there but can’t be bothered to register.

      Peace and productivity.

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