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  • Introducing The Panasonic EY7549 4in1

  • Building on inovation The Panasonic EY7549

    They say that it can’t be done, to improve on great design. But when the Panasonic engineers in Japan were faced with upgrading the EY6535GQKW Multi-Impact Driver from NiMh to a new Li-ion version, they got an extra challenge.

    EY6535The EY6535 was originally designed so that the likes of steel erectors and M&E tradesmen could use one drill to do a number of tasks on site. Anyone that’s worked with impact tools knows just how beneficial they are, being so easy to use, compact, yet hugely powerful. However sometimes you just want smoother drive, clutch control or less noise. The Panasonic EY6535 was the first of its kind to feature a selector that allowed the impact mechanism to be disengaged, converting it to a Drill Driver with mechanical clutch settings.

    So, the 3.5Ah NiMh grew its own set of admirers for sheer performance, versatility and practicality but as it was single geared (medium speed) to give good performance in impact mode, it was sometimes short of torque for heavy driving applications (DD mode) such as the use of auger bits but was not as quick as a normal drill driver for high-speed drilling.



    To overcome this, the engineers were tasked with designing a two speed gear system for DD mode but without making the unit any bigger or heavier. The result after a long period of R&D and performance testing is the all new. This innovative new tool works as a 4in1; giving you an Impact Driver, Impact Wrench, High Speed Drill and High Torque Driver!

    The EY 7549 brings you the latest generation of high performance in every category: it’s faster, there’s more available torque (both DD & impact), it is lighter with longer runtimes and inherently more versatile…



    To complement its high performance, the EY 7549 also features the latest Panasonic 4.2Ah Li-ion battery pack and new EY0L82B intelligent charger. The impact driver ¼” chuck with hex drive, and a 13mm drill driver keyless chuck are also included in the package.


    The Panasonic EY 7549 LS2S cordless Multi-Impact & Drill Driver will be coming soon to





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