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  • Introducing Leica Laser Measures

  • ITS introduce Leica Laser Measures.

    We are excited to unveil yet another new brand to hit our stocks; one that will bring quality, innovation and value. That Brand is Leica. Also known for their cameras Leica has been an established name since 1913. Since its purchase of Wild Leitz AG in 1990 Leica formed Leica Geosystems – the division of the brand that produces high quality surveying and geographical products.

    We have been able to hand pick some of the most popular tools for measuring in the Leica Geosystems range to bring you some of the best laser measurers available anywhere; 3 different range meters, a self-levelling cross laser, a receiver and a handy tripod gives you everything you need to plan your job with pin point accuracy.

    The Lecia DISTO D2 is the entry level rangefinder; it is a compact base model designed for everyday use indoors. It boasts accuracy of 1.5mm to a distance of 60m! There are handy shortcut keys for addition, subtraction, area calculation as well as volume calculation. Easily fitting in your pocket, this will quickly become a must have, on sites up and down the country. For more info click here.

    Functionality is at the heart of the DISTO D210, the bigger brother to the aforementioned D2. It carries over many of the functions and qualities of the D2, but can reach distances of 80m, and can store the last 10 calculations made using it. Like its baby brother, the DISTO D210 is protected to IP54, meaning that the glass is dust and water splash proof. For more info click here.

    If you need that extra bit of durability, then the DISTO X310 is protected up to IP65, meaning that it is dust tight

    and able to withstand water jets, and it’s also been drop tested up to 2m. The X310 has a 360 degree tilt sensor, and a smart horizontal mode, which all adds up to give you incredibly accurate results even in very tough conditions. For more info click here.


    But distance meters aren’t where it stops; the Leica Lino L2+ takes all that pain of drawing pencil lines on a wall and makes it a thing of the past. The L2+ has improved visibility and the self-levelling system enables effortless horizontal or vertical lines, where any adjustments over 4 degrees can be automatically made. Where would a cross line laser be without a receiver? Well we have one in the shape of the Leica RVL100m, which allows that extra reach where needed. The RVL100 can localise a laser beam at distances up to 80m. Also available is a tripod to assure a steady line.

    So that is our new range of Leica laser products, joining our other popular measuring devices, available online or to order by phone on 020 8532 5000.



    Click here to purchase any of the items below:

    Leica 60m Distance Measurer (LEID2)
    Leica 80m Distance Measurer (LEID210)
    Leica Distance Measurer X310 (LEIX310)
    Leica Self levelling Cross Line Laser (LEI2PLUS)
    Leica Laser Receiver (RVL100)
    Leica Cross Line Laser and Receiver
    Leica Tripod

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