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  • Dewalt Cordless Planer & Mitre Saw Set to Join the XR Range in March 2016

  • Dewalt DCB580

    You asked, We requested and at last…. Dewalt Delivered! The Cordless XR 18v Planer and Mitre Saw are coming!

    Over here at ITS HQ we’ve been on an ongoing mission to bring you all the latest news from the world of power tools. For those in the trade, in particular those carpenters or woodworkers amoungst you will certainly want to hear this!

    This week we got our first glance at the upcoming Dewalt DCP580 cordless 18v planer and the DCS365 Mitre Saw whilst at the Dewalt national conferance.

    Dewalt Cordless Planer DCP580 – What we know!

    Dewalt DCB580 Planer

    Very Sneaky Peak – Snapped at the Dewalt Conference!

    Joins the XR Range: Well, first things first as you’ve guessed it will of  course form part of the very impressive and popular 18v XR li-ion range, so it’ll be compatible with all XR batteries, from 2.0Ah – 5.0Ah. Runtimes at this point are not confirmed.

    Brushless Motor: Yes thats right it is going to feature a brushless motor so we know we’re going to get very impressive runtimes and an increased RPM over brushed versions.

    DCP580: That is going to be the model number so keep an eye out for the listing on, it will of course be available in with a variety of battery options so I wouldn’t be suprised if theres going to be a DCB580M2 or a DCB580P2 which will be the 2 x 4.0Ah battery & the 2 x 5.0Ah battery package respectivly.

    March 2016 Release Date: The word we have is that they’re due to land in the UK in March, so will be ready for sale in either March or early April but we’ll be sure to let you know. To make sure that you’re one of the first to get one use our handy ‘pre-order’ button on the product page. We’ll take your order and let you know as soon as its in and arrange delivery at a time to suit you.

    Dewalt DCS365 Cordless Mitre Saw – What we know!

    Joins the XR Range: Like the Planer above the Mitre Saw will be joining the 18v XR li-ion range, so it’ll be compatible with all XR batteries, from 2.0Ah – 5.0Ah. Finally giving you a mitre saw that can be as portalble as a ciruclar saw.

    DCS365: Is the model number we’ve been given at this point. You may have also seen the DCS361 over across the pond in America but we are imformed that this is a different model (although we are unsure what the differences are). Again i’d imagine that its going to be available in a varierty of battery options, all of which will become clearer as time goes on. 

    March 2016 Release Date: Much like the Planer we have been told to expect the DCS365 in March of 2016, again if we get more concrete infomation we’ll be sure to let you know, and we’ll get a PreOrder system up and running as soon as possible.

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    4 comments on “Dewalt Cordless Planer & Mitre Saw Set to Join the XR Range in March 2016
    1. Justin jewitt says:

      I’ve had the 20v max mitre saw since August I imported in from the us and it’s an amazing bit of kit 5amp lasts a long time but I’m disappointed they are not bringing the same model over here the dcs 365 has the same old base as the dewalt dw707 and the previous elu with some cheap plastic handles on the side it’s a real let down for the uk market from dewalt

    2. Anthony coley says:

      Reply to Justin Jewish, I got my saw from Canada it’s great if you compare it to the uk version it’s also better quality, saves me carrying ten tons of dewalt 110v saw transformer and cables

    3. Simon Homer says:

      So when is it going to be released!!!!!
      First April, then May now June!!
      Next it will be what year…..

      Really, get it sorted out guys.

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