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  • See How Many Miles You Can Do with the Tilnar Cycle Challenge

  • Tom Hawes of the Tilnar Cycling Challange

    Tom Hawes

    This June, ITS is supporting the Tilnar Cycle Challenge – a fantastic initiative that is a great way of challenging yourself whilst raising oodles of money for whichever charities you wish.

    But what is the cycle challenge? Set up by keen cyclist and fair-trade distributor Tom Hawes, the Tilnar Cycle Challenge asks participants to see how many miles they can cycle in one day each year. The great thing is that it’s not restrictive at all… all ages and abilities are catered for with many categories to choose from – from road cycling to off-road courses, static exercise bike cycling or even an international route, the world is your oyster!

    In it’s first year, Tom wanted money to be raised for charities that were close to his heart and he chose Cancer Research UK and the Porridge and Rice charity which helps breaks the cycle of poverty for children in Africa.

    The challenge has 5 goals…

    1. To create an annual challenge that will raise huge sums for charities across the UK and beyond;
    2. To create the annual challenge for cyclists that becomes their once a year marathon and measure of fitness;
    3. To create a mass participation nationwide/worldwide cycle event. An annual celebration of cycling that inspires and motivates;
    4. To improve health by inspiring people to get on their bikes, train for the challenge and get fit;
    5. To improve road cycling safety by encouraging cyclists to wear highly visible clothing that will help save lives

    There are three ways for individuals, charities and businesses can get involved in this great cause – you can plan your own route where you decide how and what charity benefits from your right, you can base yourself around a TCC base that has already been organised or you can buddy up with a charity, business or cycle club to organise your own event.

    ITS wholeheartedly supports this great cause and share Tom’s excitement in seeing how the challenge will grow in the future. As Tom says:

    “I really believe that this will capture the imagination of cyclists everywhere and become an annual celebration of cycling. In the process, we’ll raise significant sums of money for charities. I hope it becomes a nationwide or even worldwide cycle event, a celebration of cycling for everyone, whilst allowing cyclists to test themselves against others in one event. I, for one, just can’t wait to see how many miles I can ride on the day and it has inspired me already to get fitter and train harder than I have ever done before. Good luck everyone. Be safe and be seen for charity” 

    For more information about the Tilnar Cycle Challenge, visit www.tilnarcyclechallenge.org

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