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  • Power Tools Battle of the Brands, they think it’s all over… it is now!

  • The heat was on for the top brands in our power tool Battle of the Brands…

    The staff here at ITS aren’t immune to the excitement of the World Cup starting in Brazil this week and we thought it’d be good to have a little tournament of our own on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. It’s pitting the big power tool brands against each other to see who’ll come top according to you and, trust us, it’s been a lively one – let’s have a run down of what happened…





    Makita vs PanasonicGame #1: Milwaukee vs Panasonic

    This game was very much a USA vs Japan face-off and although there was great passion for Panasonic power tools as tradesman’s love of their multi-voltage range of cordless tools, Milwaukee power tools came out on-top.
    PANASONIC STAR PLAYERS: Panasonic EY78A1LS2F 18v Li-ion Hammer Drill Driver & Impact Driver Pack, Panasonic EY208LS2S 14.4v Li-ion Cordless SDS+ Rotary Hammer Drill & Driver

    Milwaukee’s strategy of innovation in recent years clearly worked well on the pitch. With the advent of their M18 Fuel Range which includes their Brushless Grinder and Circular Saw (reviewed here) as well as the extremely popular Sawzall, we reckoned they could cause an upset when up against other competition…
    MILWAUKEE STAR PLAYERS: Milwaukee 12v Cordless Range, Milwaukee M18CCS55402C FUEL Brushless Circular Saw, Milwaukee M18CAG115X402C FUEL Brushless 115mm Grinder


    Dewalt vs HitachiGame #2: Dewalt vs Hitachi

    Again, it was a battle against two sides of the Pacific Rim with the yanks going up against the Japanese. Dewalt power tools battle with their very own army of Ultras, dedicated to their team with their extensive range of tools and accessories. With their comprehensive range of drills (click here for a cheeky guide to their range) and new signings such as the DCN692 Li-ion Nailer and DCS355 Brushless Multi-Tool, they’re a strong team.
    DEWALT STAR PLAYERS: Dewalt DCR020 Compact DAB Jobsite Radio, Dewalt 4.0Ah Li-ion RangeDewalt DCZ211S2T 10.8v Li-ion Cordless 2 Piece Pack

    Hitachi on the other hand, have many great strengths to draw upon with their own innovative approach to power tools. Being the first to harness 5.0Ah technology in their batteries, they certainly have power up front. Hitachi power tools also have depth in their squad too with a wide range of heavy-duty cordless kits, grinders, corded SDS Hammer Drills and garden tools.
    HITACHI STAR PLAYERS: Hitachi KC18DKL/JB 18v 5.0Ah Li-ion 2 Piece Kit, Hitachi DH26PX SDS+ Rotary Hammer Drill

    But in the event, the yanks at Dewalt were too strong gaining a decisive victory for to set up an all-American semi-final against Milwaukee.


    Makita vs BoschGame #3: Makita vs Bosch

    The Japanese at Makita power tools were up again but this time, with their vast army of supporters, had a great chance of victory against the Germans at Bosch. Makita have been one of the strongest sides since they entered the scene in the 50’s and remain so due to the massive depth of skills within their team. With their huge cordless range that incorporates combi drills, cordless jigsaws, SDS drills, sanders, multitools, they’ve got the skills to pay the bills.
    MAKITA STAR PLAYERS: Makita LXT Range, Makita 4350CTWX Special Edition Orbital Action Jigsaw, Makita 8391DWPEKIT 18v Cordless Hammer Drill Driver Kit

    Then we have Bosch power tools, who has the efficiency, precision and pedigree of German manufacturing excellence on their side. They’re also a tough and hardy team, with a wide range of players varying from routers, radios, blades, as well as the usual suspects of cordless and corded power tools.
    BOSCH STAR PLAYERS: Bosch GHO2682 82mm Planer, Bosch GCM8SJL 216mm Mitre Saw

    The game was well fought but Makita took the game with the crowd being the 12th player in their team.


    Festool vs MetaboGame #4: Festool vs Metabo

    In an all-German tie, this promised to be an exciting game with two robust teams battling out for the glory of the motherland. Metabo power tools, staying true to their heritage, have a strong backbone and their brand tagline of “Work. Don’t Play” meant their work ethic was second to none. Their tough cordless li-ion kits and tools are always ready for battle and they proved a worthy opponent for Festool .
    METABO STAR PLAYERS: Metabo 5.2Ah Range, Metabo SB18LTMW 18v 4.0Ah Li-ion Cordless Hammer Drill Driver Kit

    Festool power tools have always been about the quality of their team with many believing they being the best team in the world. But this is a knockout tournament, not a league, so it certainly wasn’t a given they would take the trophy! Their innovation is key, with products like the Swordsaw, TS55 and Cordless TSC55 Plunge Cut Saws and they certainly look after their fans with a Service All-Inclusive package that’s hard to ignore.
    FESTOOL STAR PLAYERS: Festool TS55 Plunge Cut Saw, Festool TSC55 Cordless Plunge Cut Saw, Festool EHL65EPLUS 65mm Planer

    In the end though, Festool swept Metabo aside for a place in the semi-finals against Makita.



    Milwaukee vs DewaltSemi-Final A – Milwaukee vs Dewalt

    The All-American semi was a close call, Milwaukee power tools battled hard – showing that they were no push over. Milwaukee’s star players as well as support from the likes of the C12HZ202C Hackzall and newbie M18BMT0 18v Multi-Tool certainly played a good game but after much too-ing and fro-ing, the Dewalt Ultras rose their team to take the tie and secure their place in the final.


    makitaVfestoolSemi-Final B – Makita vs Festool

    Possibly the most anticipated tie in the tournament, and testimony to how a semi-final could be more exciting and tight than the final itself, this was a cracking game. With the might of the Makita fanbase and the passion of the Festool camp, utilising it’s strength in attack with the Festool PSB420EBQPLUS Jigsaw and Festool OF2200EBPLUS Shank Router, it was a game that went to the wire.  Makita snatched victory from Festool at the last moment to take a place in the final.


    FINALTHE FINAL – Dewalt vs Makita

    So, at the end of the day, it came day to two heavy-weights of the power tool world. Makita vs Dewalt in a fight to the death! As the turnout for the games had been so strong, we decided to make it a game of two-halves and let the votes carry over two days instead of one and boy, did you guys fill the stadium!

    Makita came out strong and attacked with ferocity and Dewalt had their defence seriously tested. the support for both teams was passionate but as the game went on, it became clear that Makita were the dominent force, pulling away for a well-deserved victory – taking the Battle of the Brands 2014 title.



    We hope you all enjoyed this Battle Of The Brands – here’s hoping the World Cup will be just as exciting!

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    1. Andy kenny says:

      Has anyone compared the 18v festool SDS cordless hammer drill to the Panasonic 28 v cordless SDS plus in terms of value for money,user friendliness,reliability and battery life

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