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  • We’ve got a great selection of Trend products here at ITS… so much so that we decided to feature them in our latest newsletter! Although they’re known for their routing products, there’s many more to check out as you can see below.

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    Trend Routing Technology
    2 Piece Skeleton Hinge Jig
    H/JIG/C Trend 2 Piece Skeleton Hinge Jig TREH/JIG/C
    Highly Portable, lightweight
    and adjustable hinge jig
    £169.99 ex.vat
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    Hinge Recessing Jig
    HINGE/JIG Trend Hinge Recessing Jig TREHINGE/JIG
    Designed for recessing hinges in
    wooden doors and frames
    £159.99 ex.vat
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    2 Piece Contractor Hinge Jig
    H/JIGA Trend Contractor Hinge Jig (2 Piece) TREH/JIG/A
    Splits into two pieces for
    easy transportation
    £159.99 ex.vat
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    Large Lock Jig
    LOCK/JIG/A Trend Large Lock Jig TRELOCK/JIG/A
    Suitable for doors between
    34mm and 58mm thick
    £129.99 ex.vat
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    Adjustable Lock Jig
    LOCK/JIG/B Trend Adjustable Lock Jig TRELOCK/JIG/B
    Features fully adjustable sliding
    inserts to recess the faceplate
    £79.99 ex.vat
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    Lock Jig
    Perfect for the most common
    sash mortise and dead locks
    £74.99 ex.vat
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    Universal Sub Base
    UNIBASE Trend Universal Sub Base TREUNIBASE
    Enables non-standard fittings
    to accept Trend guide bushes
    £17.49 ex.vat
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    700mm Worktop Jig
    KWJ700 Trend Trade Kitchen Worktop Jig 700mm TREKWJ700
    Includes FREE 2 x Trend worktop
    router cutters – Worth £27.98!
    £89.99 ex.vat
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    Corner Chisel
    C/CHISEL Trend Corner Chisel TREC/CHISEL
    For use with hinge and lock jig,
    squares up round holes
    £10.99 ex.vat
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    Biscuit Jointer Set
    (1/4″ Shank)
    TR35X1/4TC Trend Biscuit Jointer Set (1/4" Shank) TRE1/4TR35
    Suitable for biscuits sizes
    0, 10 or 20
    £27.49 ex.vat
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    5 x 1/4″ Shank TCT Cutters
    TR12X1/4PK5 12mm Trend Straight Cutter (1/4" Shank) 19mm Flute Pack of 5 TRE1/4TR12PK5
    Gives clean finish to chipboard,
    MDF, plywood & certain hardwoods
    £44.99 ex.vat
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    5 x 1/2″ Shank Cutters
    TR/KFP/3 Pack of 5 TR17 12.7mm Trend Straight Cutters (1/2" Shank) TRE1/2TR/KFP/3
    Individually worth £69.95 –
    SAVE £19.96!
    £49.99 ex.vat
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    12 Piece TCT Router Cutter Set
    SET/SS8 12 Piece TCT Router Cutter Set (1/4") TRE1/4SET/SS8
    Most widely used
    cutters for decorative working
    £29.99 ex.vat
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    35 piece Router Cutter Set
    SET/SS35X1/2TC Trend 1/2" 35 piece Router Cutter Set TRESET/SS35X1/2TC
    Ideal set for
    all-round routering
    £74.99 ex.vat
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    Craft Pro Panel Door Making
    Router Cutter Set
    CR/PDS1 Trend Craft Pro Panel Door Making Router Cutter Set TRE1/2CR/PDS1
    For 20mm min and 22mm max
    thickness of wood
    £66.99 ex.vat
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    Door Lifter
    D/LIFT/A Trend Door Lifter TRED/LIFT/A
    Foot operated lifter perfect for
    freeing up your hands
    £15.49 ex.vat
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    Door Clamp
    D/CLAMP/A Trend Door Clamp TRED/CLAMP/A
    Holds door in position whilst
    drilling and fitting locks
    £19.99 ex.vat
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    Door Stand
    D/STAND/A Trend Door Stand TRED/STAND/A
    Holds door on edge securely
    whilst routing for locks
    £39.99 ex.vat
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    Digital Angle Finder 200mm/8″
    DAF/8 Trend Digital Angle Finder 200mm/8" TREDAF/8
    Range from
    000.0° to 220.0°
    £29.99 ex.vat
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    Digital Angle Rule Case
    (For DAR/200)
    CASE/DAR/200 Trend Digital Angle Rule Case (For Trend DAR/200) TRECASE/DAR/200
    Storage case designed for
    DAR/200 Digital Angle Rule
    £6.99 ex.vat
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    DAR/200 Digital Angle Rule
    DAR/200 Trend Digital Angle Rule TREDAR/200
    Range from 000.0° to
    360.0° with accuracy of 0.3°
    £18.99 ex.vat
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    Snappy Angled Screwdriver Attachment
    SNAP/ASA/2 Trend Snappy Angled Screwdriver Attachment TRESNAP/ASA/2
    90° angled screwdriver attachment
    allows access to tight corners
    £29.99 ex.vat
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    Snappy 60 Piece Drill Bit Set
    SNAP/TH2/SET Snappy Drill Bit Set 60pce TRESNAP/TH2/SET
    Great quality, highly versatile
    and extensive bit set
    £68.99 ex.vat
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    Snappy 5 Countersink Set
    SNAP/HD1/SET Snappy 16 Piece Drill Bit Set TRESNAP/HD1/SET
    Heat treated tool steel
    countersinks with HSS drill bits
    £19.99 ex.vat
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    Worktop Scriber
    Worktop Scriber
    Gives the offset between worktop
    jig & guide bush for easy setup
    £17.99 ex.vat
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    Perfect Butt
    Perfect Butt
    Four sizes of track wheels to cope
    with a variety of situations
    £29.99 ex.vat
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    Easyscribe Scribing Tool
    E/SCRIBE Trend Easyscribe Scribing Tool TRE/E/SCRIBE
    Scribing Tool for architrave, skirting,
    scribing doors & worktops
    £24.99 ex.vat
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