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  • History of: Metabo Power Tools

  • Metabo Power Tools

    Julius Closs Metabo Power Tools Founder

    Julius Closs – Metabo Founder

    Metabo is one of the oldest power tool manufacturers. More than 75 years old, Metabo has a long history of providing some of the most robust tools in the business. Founded in 1924 by Albrecht Schnizler and Julius Closs, Metabo, or Metabowerke as it was known back then, manufactured tools to meet the increasingly high demands of a developing world of engineering.

    Manufacturing the no.18 hand drill in 1923, this was the first product that the company sold. Meeting the high standards of the British Steel Workers, Metabo’s machines and power tools continued to be exported to Britain, generating a massive 80% of their total revenue. Continually growing and improving, by 2010 Metabo had a presence in more than 120 countries.

    Metabo Tools Timeline

      • 1923 – no.18 hand drill released for sale
      • 1945– Despite a major fire that destroys almost 75% of Metabo’s manufacturing facilities, the company continues to grow.
      • 1950 – First electric hand grinder
      • 1951 – First sander
      • 1957– Manufacture of the world’s first impact drill
      • 1981 – First 1000 Watts impact drill with constant speed control
      • 1998 – First angle grinder with a Metabo marathon engine
      • 2002 – A new class of Metabo cordless drills starts with the introduction of the Metabo PowerGrip.
      • 2009 – New range of professional cordless power tools in 3 classes: Metabo L/ LT and LTX class.
    • 2010– Metabo has a global market presence thanks to their 24 foreign sales companies. The company now employs more than 2,000 people worldwide, and has two China-based manufacturing sites in Nütringen and Shanghai.

    Recent News from Metabo

    Metabo Power Tools Battery


    Most recently the big news from Metabo is the ground breaking 5.2Ah Lithium-ion battery which was released in the UK in 2013, making it the single highest Ah rated battery on sale currently in Britain.

    Many feel that this technological advancement has seen Metabo place itself well and truly in with the ‘big boys’ of the industry. Their cordless range includes industry standard features like Brushless Motors but also their own innovative features like the Implus function. It’s this sort of technology that illustrates Metabo’s ongoing research and development work going on behind the scenes.


    What Can We Expect from Metabo Power Tools in the future

    Metabo Power Tools Future

    With a power tool range that offers cordless and corded solutions that span Drills, Drivers, Saws, and Sanders, Metabo are certainly here to stay and although they have a relatively small share of the UK market, they’re growing, so we expect to see much more of Metabo as the years go by

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