Tea Break

  • He’s no David Blaine but what this guy did was magic!

  • This might well be the epitome of the phrase ‘too much time on your hands‘ but to be honest, if you gonna do something pointless, it might as well be cool. And this guy, Ben Cusick of the NightHawkInLight YouTube channel with his pirate-hipster style beard and squirrel-like enthusiasm has done something that I’ve not seen before… Check it out…

    Screwdriver Time

    So here’s our Ben with his favourite screwdrivers. He’s very proud…

    Air Compressor Time

    Next, it’s time to fire up the ol’ air compressor (and bloomin’ old it is too!)

    Screwdriver and Air Compressors Combine

    Seriously, if you saw this from a distance you’d think Ben was mental… But wait…

    Screwdriver in flight

    … he’s dropped his beloved screwdriver! He would be mad but what happens is pretty damned cool…

    To see what happens next, check out the video below…

    Yeah yeah yeah, I know this isn’t exactly Vegas-style illusions going on but tell me you’re not gonna give it a go…


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    One comment on “He’s no David Blaine but what this guy did was magic!
    1. Kenny Holmes says:

      Quite entertaining, but isn’t he breaking one of the golden rules about compressed air ?
      For example, 100 psi. aimed towards his hand is not good practise.

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