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  • What this guy can do with a tape measure is unbelievable!

  • Our 10% off all Stanley products promotion got me to thinking – what is Stanley most famous for? Well, utility knives are a good shout (after all, how many many people call them Stanley Knives), but I would say that Stanley’s innovation in tape measures with the introduction of automatic springs and locking function is probably what most people would know them for. Let’s face it, everyone seems to have a Stanley tape measure – even my Mrs has one!

    So, aside from measuring, what else can these pocket rockets do? This question totally reminded me of an amazing guy that I’d seen a while back – the ‘Tape Measure Master’, and it’s hard to argue with that title! Funny this is, he seems to use a Stanley FatMax Extreme to demonstrate his skills too (good choice)… Let’s look at what he can do with a tape measure….

    Tape Measure Master

    Can’t quite reach your keys and can’t be bothered with those last few steps…..?

    Tape Measure Master

    …no problem, Tape Measure man can get them!

    Tape Measure Master

    Tired of Ed Sheeran on the Radio? I know I am…

    Tape Measure Master

    … Not a problem – tape measure master to the rescue!

    Tape Measure Master

    Need to lend a mate a hand getting some air into that portaloo?

    Tape Measure Master

    Open sesame! Don’t get too close…


    You can check out the whole video below, it’s pretty impressive stuff but can YOU do that? Can you better these tricks and go the extra metre? Let us know in the comments below or get in touch through our Facebook or Twitter accounts now!

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