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  • The NEW Makita 2712 Site Saw; A Hummer of a Saw for Your Site

  • The Makita 2712 Site Saw – a heavy duty tool that Arnie would want to use

    The new Makita 2712 Site Saw offers heavy duty power and is portable, which kinda got me thinking… When driving, I bet there are times when you wish you had something beefier to pummel through the traffic shouting “Move over, pesky Smart Car!”. Perhaps a heavy duty Hummer instead of your white van. You’d turn up on site, feeling all Arnie an’ that, on-time and ready to take on the world. But, imagine your disappointment when you’ve got to a cutting job and you got to use some half-baked tool that’s more like wet lettuce than steak.

    So, all you Makita fan boys, your heavy-duty cutting dreams are coming true with this new Makita 2712 Site Saw, something to rival Metabo’s KHS315M Site Saw. Designed to be powerful, mobile and perfect for when you’re on site on in a workshop. Have a butchers…

    Makita 2712 315mm Site Saw

    As you can see above, the 2712 Site Saw has powerful 2000 watt motor and also features a 0-45° bevel capacity, achieving a maximum cutting capacity of 85mm at 0° and 58mm at 45°. The blade diameter is impressive too with 315mm with a bore size of 30mm.

    Size matters! (That what she said)

    The width and length of the 2712 Site Saw is a great aspect of the machine, with the length doubling in size when the side extension is deployed. The main table and extension are both 800mm giving a total length of 1600mm – perfect for cutting those long pieces of timber. And with a maximum cutting width of 710mm, this mobile Site Saw will eat up most large sawing tasks you might want to undertake.

    The 2712 also comes complete with a rip fence guide rule to give you that extra versatility for dealing with different widths of materials. It enables you to cut thin materials, wide materials and all other widths between!

    Makita 2712 315mm Table Saw

    Going mobile for when it’s time to move

    The real advantage to the 2712 Site Saw are the wheels that are on one side of the machine. It’s a real mover and shaker giving you the flexibility of being able to work with it pretty much anywhere (although we wouldn’t recommend underwater, health and safety wouldn’t like that).

    Makita have also thought about the mess you can make with cutting various materials too. The machine is connectable to a dust extractor to aid in sucking up all that nasty dust that plagues your lungs and washing machine when you get home in the evening.

    The Makita 2712 Site Saw – the lowdown

    It’s a sweet new product from Makita and great for if you’re looking to expand your Makita collection. So, in summary…

    • Heavy Duty Machine for those tough cutting jobs
    • Portable giving you the flexibility of movement
    • Large Blade Diameter for deep cutting
    • Long Table Length for large-size materials

    All this, and it comes with a TCT Blade, rip fence, push stick, push block, wrench, extension cable and is available in both 110v and 240v. Sorted.

    Let us know what you think of this new Makita 2712 Site Saw, please don’t hesitate in ‘tabling’ your opinions in the comments section below or contacting us on our Facebook, Twitter or Google+ today. Here at ITS, we’re expecting the 2712 in soon so keep your eyes peeled for more information!

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    One comment on “The NEW Makita 2712 Site Saw; A Hummer of a Saw for Your Site
    1. Gerald Elsden says:

      Just received this saw. It had a little damage despite box being undamaged so assume this happened in factory. Instructions are obviously written by someone who does not have English as first language and therefore makes it rather unclear at times. Very poor build instructions. No pics of the things you do need and the few pics that are printed are poor.
      To cap it all when I switched it on the motor started to rotate then seemed to jam. However the was nothing stopping the rotation of the saw blade.
      I confess I have not had time to complete reading the operating instructions (with my magnifying glass), so it’s possible I have failed to perform a required operation to make it work.
      Any suggestions gratefully received.

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