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  • New Milwaukee M18 RC-0 Radio Charger & M18 SMS216-0 Cordless Mitre Saw

  • This Autumn Milwaukee are releasing some great new products – the M18 RC-0 Radio Charger and M18 SMS216-0 Cordless Mitre Saw

    As sure as Christmas cards are available from July and summer turns into winter (cos let’s face it, autumn is always a non-event), tool manufacturers release new products to put on your wishlist. The all-American heroes at Milwaukee are no exception and they are adding to their ever-popular M18 range this year with the M18 RC-0 Job Site Radio Charger and M18 SMS216-0 Cordless Mitre Saw. So we thought we’d throw some light on these newbies, giving you ‘the skinny’ as our cousins from across the pond would say…

    The Milwaukee M18 RC-0 Wireless Radio Charger

    Music is one of the joys to life – it can really give you the boost you need to rock along till the end of the day. Unless it’s “Happy” by Pharrel. That’s on so much its depressing (ironic really). Anyway, another joy in life is getting great value and with the M18RC-0 you get that in spades. This product has the great asset of being wireless – through Bluetooth, you can play music through your smartphone/tablet without actually being tethered to the speaker itself! Plus, you don’t only get a music hub but also a built-in charger for rapid charging of Milwaukee M18 batteries as well as your phones through a USB port. It’s a veritable 2-for-1 deal!

    Music without the wires

    The RC-0 is the first job site radio that has the capability of playing music wireslessly – no longer do you have to worry about leaving your iphone by the speaker, open to the elements. Also, you can have total control on what tunes you’re working to, great for all you music-geeks out there. You’re able to play music up to 30metres away from your computer, smartphone or tablet through the Bluetooth connection.

    There are other great job site radios out there with a smaller price tag but considering that wireless speakers for mp3 players are in a premium high-price bracket, the M18 RC-0 is priced reasonably with a great quality speaker to boot.  It’s audio quality is worthy of a Grammy (or a Best International Brit Award I suppose), with a premium speaker that has optimised orientation and 40w amplifier it produces a rich, full sound – perfect for drowning out that guy on site that won’t shut up about the weather or the wife. Additionally, unlike other premium wireless speakers in the consumer market, this is a tough cookie that is toughened by a reinforced roll cage and metal handles. It also has a specially weather sealed compartment for protecting mp3 players/phones from the elements and work-site grime. It can handle pretty much anything a construction site can throw at it – not something your average wireless speaker can say for itself!

    As you’d expect from a top-notch radio, you have complete control over the sound with a customisable equaliser to give the sound more oomph when needed and a 10-station preset so you can make sure that you’re always on the right frequency! This Milwaukee M18 RC-0 radiois also flexible with its sourcing of power – you can use M18 batteries or an AC outlet. Pretty damned flash I’m sure you’d agree.

    Milwaukee M18 RC-0 Radio Charger

    Looks almost like a guitar amp doesn’t it? Perfect for those air-guitar moments then! So let’s have a cheeky summery of the Milwaukee M18 RC-0 Radio Charger:

    • Not only a radio but a charger for your M18 battery
    • Charges electronic devices via USB
    • Wireless Bluetooth playback up to 30m away
    • Powered by Milwaukee M18 Batteries or through the mains
    • Highest reception accuracy and signal clarity
    • Excellent sound quality that’s best in class
    • Tough construction and weather-proof compartment for audio devices
    • Customisable EQ

    The Milwaukee M18 SMS216-0 Cordless Mitre Saw

    With the many advances in battery and motor technology over the past few years, it seems like the power tool world has gone cordless crazy. Mitre saws have been slightly behind the curve in the cordless game with choice relatively small in comparison to drills and saws but they’re now becoming more and more common. The M18 SMS216-0, like an all-American deluxe hamburger and fries, has really tasty qualities that are worth getting your teeth into.

    But why would I get this model instead of a corded version?

    Being cordless gives you the flexibility of being able to work anywhere which aids efficiency and generally makes life easier on site. This is is an obvious upside to working cordlessly but surely the capabilities and features aren’t as good as a corded model? Well, you’d be wrong as the mitre capacity, bevel and cutting capacities and even the weight are all the same as the Milwaukee MS216-SB corded equivalent.

    The 216mm diameter blade gives a max depth of cut of 60mm with maximum cross cuts of 270mm. Bevel and Mitre-wise – it does the job, with mitre capacity of 50° both left and right and bevel capacity of 48° (left).  As with many Milwaukee products, the M18 SMS216-0 incorporates the REDLINK overload system – protection for the electronics that can prove invaluable during intensive cutting sessions. With its compact and portable nature, combined with great accuracy and low weight, the M18 SMS216-0 is ideal for the jobbing tradesman travelling to and from sites across the land. Adding to its efficient nature, the SMS216-0 features a 2-pole frameless motor which delivers 2700rpm for mega-fast cutting.

    Let’s have a look at this mighty buffalo from the prairies…

    Milwaukee M18SMS216-0 Cordless Mitre Saw

    So let’s break it down for you…

    • Compact and portable
    • 2700rpm motor for fast cutting
    • Adjustable cut-line laser for accurate cutting
    • Internal bars to work flat against walls
    • “Hook & Lock” integral auto-rail-lock
    • Max depth of cut 60mm, max cross cuts 270mm
    • Bevel Left 48° to Right -2°
    • Mitre Left and Right 50°
    • Utilises Milwaukee 4.0Ah RED Li-ion Batteries

    We’re sure you’d agree, Milwaukee adding a Mitre Saw to its already mighty cordless range is a real asset that’s worth checking out. For the Milwaukee carpenter fan-boys out there, it’s a great investment and is available to order from ITS right now check out our product page right here!

    The Milwaukee RC-0 Radio Charger and SMS216-0 Cordless Mitre Saw are available to order from ITS now!

    So there you have it, some great new products ready to get on your Christmas list… Or just buy as a cheeky treat for yourself! ITS have these two products available to order right now but just call us if you want to know more. If you’ve got any questions or comments just pop them below in the comments section or visit our Facebook page, Twitter feed or Google Plus page!


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