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  • Makita DJV182Z & DJV181Z Cordless Brushless Jigsaws: Floats Like A Butterfly…

  • MAKDJV181 MAKDJV182 Brushless Cordless Jigsaws

    Makita continue to develop their range with new DJV181Z & DJV182Z cordless brushless jigsaws…

    Here at ITS we love a good chinwag about what new and exciting products could be about to hit the market. New badass mitre saw? Sure! Fresh twist on an existing angle drill? Hit me! Double-ended drill? Hmm, perhaps not… So it’s great to hear that Makita have developed their cordless jigsaw range further with a couple of lightweight, brushless models – the DJV181 & DJV182.

    The First Makita Jigsaws to feature Brushless Motors…

    So – to business. These models are the first Makita cordless jigsaws to feature brushless motors. This gives a whole wealth of benefits to you, the tradesman cutting stuff up…

    Benefits of brushless motors:

    • More runtime – Without brushes, there’s less friction therefore less heat. This means the power is going onto the job you’re doing, instead of making your tool all hot and bothered.
    • More POWER – Without all that heat, you get more bang for your buck as the energy is more concentrated.
    • Overall lifetime of the tool increases – No brushes to send away and get replaced, no wearing from brushes, no tiredness felt by the motor itself
    • Lighter, smaller motors – As there’s less stuff actually IN the motor, it’s going to be able to be made smaller and therefore lighter by manufacturers.

    For more detailed information about brushless motors and why they’re so frickin’ awesome – check out our blog “What is a Brushless Motor”… Click here

    DJV181Z & DJV182Z Brushless Cordless Jigsaws

    As mentioned above, having brushless motors has an effect on the weight of a machine as well as the performance. So Makita have gone with this and ran with it, creating the DJV181Z & DJV182Z as lightweight, portable cordless jigsaws with great versatility and reliable power. Definitely time for some weighty stats methinks…

    DJV180Z DJV181Z DJV182Z
    Weight (including battery) 2.8kg 2.5kg 2.6kg

    Time to choose how you ‘handle’ these cordless brushless jigsaws

    You’ll see above that the DJV181Z has a barrel handle, which is the first cordless Makita brushless jigsaw that is designed in this way. The barrel handle gives the user greater flexibility when in use, and added control from above to get the job done. Because of this design, the on/standby and lock off buttons to operate the machine are located on both sides of the housing, perfect for if you’re left or right handed.

    DJV181Z Cordless Jigsaw

    The DJV182 on the other ‘hand’, features the standard top handle (or ‘D Handle’) that we all know and love. Ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use, the soft grip will help minimise that annoying hand fatigue when working on long jobs.

    Another fresh new feature of both models is the newly designed dust nozzle, designed to give better extraction with a corrugated shaped front cuff that improves attachment to the machine. Therefore this reduces the chances of it falling off mid-use, covering you, your mates, and the jobsite in dust. Dust anyone? Nope, thought not.

    The DJV181Z & DJV182Z


    Cordless Brushless Jigsaws in summary

    So, the DJV181Z & DJV182Z Cordless Brushless Jigsaws are compact, lightweight, give you the benefits of brushless technology and present the option of barrel and top handle shapes. Here at ITS, we’re expecting them to come in soon and will be available as body-only machine’s first but don’t worry if you’re looking for a DJV181RMJ or DJV182RMJ versions (which includes 2 x 4.0Ah 18v Batteries) because we’ll be more than happy to order them in for you.

    So, if you’re looking for the Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera of Makita Cordless Jigsaws, then these two models are what you’ve been waiting for! As always, please let us know your thoughts on this new product and don’t forget to share this blog with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or wherever else you please!

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