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  • What Is The Difference Between 1.3Ah & 3.0Ah Makita 18v Batteries?

  • We have had a lot of customers ask us just exactly what the difference is between the Ah rating on batteries for cordless tools and in particular the 18V Makita batteries.  A common question is: “Do all Ah ratings power all cordless power tools?”

    We’ve put this guide together to help you choose your cordless tools wisely as a follow up to our popular “Comprehensive Battery Guide”.

    The Ah rating is what determines how long your battery will last per charge. It stands for ampere-hour and is the measurement of time it takes for a battery to discharge. It is impossible to give battery run times on most cordless power tools as the variables of different working applications can change this drastically; however, the more amp hours, the more run time – like having a larger fuel tank.

    This is a major point to take note of when choosing your batteries – if you intend to use your batteries for more demanding tools such as Jigsaws, Circular saws, SDS+ Hammers, Planers, Reciprocating Saws and other high drain tools such as Grinders, then a higher amp-hour battery is essential.

    Makita have even made a different fitting for their 1.3Ah and 3.0Ah batteries to the tools so that the 1.3Ah batteries physically will not fit onto tools classed as high drain. Any Makita 18V Li-ion tool with a “YELLOW” battery fitting will fit both 1.3h and 3.0Ah batteries; however, tools with a “BLACK” battery fitting will ONLY fit 3.0Ah batteries.

    Please see below for the differences:


    The below diagram highlights the compatibility of a selection of popular Makita cordless power tools classed as high drain.


    Please note, there ARE a number of Makita bodies which are compatible with both 1.3Ah and 3.0Ah 18V Li-ion batteries – these tools will have the yellow fitting for the batteries.

    We offer a great range of Makita kits with Makita 18V 3.0Ah batteries as standard and also at the moment are offering a fantastic deal on the popular Makita BHP453RFE (which comes with 2 x 3.0Ah Li-ion Batteries) and for a limited time only, comes with an additional FREE BHP453Z Hammer Drill/Driver body.


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    52 comments on “What Is The Difference Between 1.3Ah & 3.0Ah Makita 18v Batteries?
    1. A J T JOINERY says:

      Hi , I have 5 of the 18v battery’s that won’t take a charge , I heard that you can fix them by changing one or two of the cells inside the unit , is this possible and how , thanks Tony.

      • Richard Hughes says:

        Hi AJT Joinery, I have seen the same things around the internet about playing about with the cells and to be honest it’s not something that i’d ever recommend. Lithium ion batteries are very dangerous and have in the past been known to catch fire etc, so if you were to make the slightest mistake it could go very bad very quickly. If you’re having problems with you Makita batteries then we have a dedicated Makita customer service phone line solely got ITS customers that you can ring. its 0800 345 7942 just explain your problems and they’ll be able to help you more than anyone.

      • Chris says:

        I had the same problem. I purchased a lithium 18v battery charger and charge them on that. It works. I had two batteries that would not charge on my makita charger, making them useless. I researched on youtube and a young guy goes through the process. It really works.

    2. Alfie Maguire says:

      Can you give me some information on were i can buy new locks locks for my van vault ? I have had my van broken into twice in the past 18 months these people dont give a dam about anyone or anything they damage you van /car, take what they want leaving the working man unable to work & having a vehicle to repair plus the replacing of tooling (yes i am bitter) But so is every other tradesman,this has happened to.

      • Richard Hughes says:

        Hi Alfie, Sorry to hear that you have been on the recieving end of a theft. Please give a memeber of our sales team a ring on 0208 532 5000 and they’ll talk you through the best locks for your van/site.

        Hopefully we’ll be able to work out the best way to keep your tools safe in the future.

    3. Shiraz Ayub says:

      Weirdly my bhp453 has a yellow battery fitting but only 2 pins not 3 like the picture!

      Also the batteries from my hp457 which are 1813g do not fit my bhp453 and vice versa!

      So what batteries can I use with my bhp453 and why aren’t the batteries between the drills interchangeable?


    4. David says:

      Will the 1.3ah battery work in the dab radio?

    5. Kyle says:

      I’m looking at buying a Mikita 18v 1.3ah drill and impact driver. If I the buy a 18v 3ah battery will it fit?

      • Richard Hughes says:

        Hi Kyle,

        As long as its part of the ‘lithium-ion’ family then it should yes. If you let me know the model number of the drill you’re looking at I can let you know for sure if it does.


    6. craig dunbar says:

      Could you please tell me which battery will fit the makita DHP453 RFTK

    7. Pete says:

      I have a Makita HP457D Drill Driver, bought around Xmas 2014, which came with two BL1813G 18V 1.3aH batteries. It has a BLACK fitting for the batteries, although there is an extra contact compared to the ones shown above. Sweeping statements like ‘Black fittings only take 3aH batteries’ should be taken with a pinch of salt as the saying goes.

    8. Callum says:

      will my 18 v BL1813G battery fit DTD146Z model

      • Richard Hughes says:

        Hi Callum,

        I’m afraid not the BL1813G batteries were designed to be sold in national large DIY stores and therefore only fit the tool you brought it with. The professional standard DTD146 requires either the BL1815, BL1820, BL1830, BL1840, or BL1850 batteries

    9. david murphy says:

      Hi can u tell me if I can get a makita radio that will take my bl1813g batteries

    10. Simon says:

      Hi there,
      I am a occasional home DIYer but would like a cordless drill so I can be impulsive without getting extension leads out etc. I think a 1.3ah battery will suit me fine but do they hold their charge over the course of weeks when not used? Or do they drain?
      Many thanks,

      • Richard Hughes says:

        1.3Ahs aren’t a bad bet for a DIYer to be honest. Lithium batteries are far better at holding their charge than the old NiCD or NiMH batteries. Thats not guarentee that they’ll keep their full charge but if when you put it away its got anything more than full charge then you’ll still have plenty of juice left when you next pick up your tools.

    11. m hilmy says:

      My makita drill model 6279D 12v
      comes withe 1.3ah battery and woukd like to buy 3.0ah battery for the same drill is it ok and it will fit
      Withe out damaging the drill
      Many thanks

    12. Rob says:

      Hi I have a td127d with a 1.3 battery but I want to know if I can get a larger battery like a 3ah but not sure we’re to get it as the fittings are different

      • Richard Hughes says:

        Hi Rob,
        I’m afraid the TD127d wont accept any larger batteries as its a Bespoke DIY package created only for national DIY stores and not for the trade. This way it only accepts the included batteries.

    13. Lee says:

      Will it give me more power to the drill if I get a 5.0 ah battery instead of my 18v 1.3 ah ?

      • Richard Hughes says:

        Hi Lee,

        No a higher Ah battery will give you longer runtime but not greater power. So where a 1.3Ah battery will last say… 1 hour of constant useage, a 5.0Ah could last 3 hours… Thats kind of the idea.

        Hope this helps


    14. Slim says:

      Hi there,
      Im attracted to Makita and would like a cordless hammer drill and something I can use as a screwdriver. I’m an occasional DIYer but still want a decent tool. Should I set my sights on an 18v battery and 3mh or would I be just as well to save money and down spec? If you have a model in mind even better.

      Thanks in advance.


    15. zaiax says:

      Hi here,
      whats its the distance between two pins in black series

    16. Owen says:

      I have a makita 8391D with a 1.3Ah battery,I am wondering if a 3.0 an battery will fit it, or can you get a bigger one again to fit it.

      • Richard Hughes says:

        Hi Owen,

        I’m afraid not… the 8391 is a NiCD model which is old battery technology. The 3.0Ah batteries, are Lithium-ion which is new tech and therefore the batteries are completely different shape and size so they cannot and will not fit onto a NiCD model.

        Hope this helps

    17. Owen says:

      Would a 2.0 Ah Ni-cd battery fit it?

      • Richard Hughes says:

        Yes it should do, although i’ve not seen very many of them. If you send me a link to the one you’ve seen i’ll take a look and make sure if you’d like!

    18. Jack says:

      Hey! Will a 1.5ah battery work in my impact gun dtd-129?

      What is the actual way of checking? 3 pins takes 1.5 and 2 doesn’t ? Or the other way round?


    19. David Fox says:

      Hi, i have just brought an impact driver and drill at a very good price from trade point. BL1813G which are good drills but the battery doesn’t fit my Dab Radio. Very disappointed and find out they were made for Trade point.
      If i known the battery’s didn’t fit i wouldn’t of purchased them. There should of been a warning on the box to say this or Makita should do an adapter to remedy this problem.

    20. Wayne says:

      Hi can I use a makita 18v battery in a 14v driver vice versa
      Will 18v charge charge 14v battery all lion

    21. Martin says:

      Is any lith battery compatible with makita dmr 104w dab radio,new to day,tthanks

    22. philip taylor says:

      i have a makitia cordless drill DHP453 bare unit can u tell what batterys i can use with them and what charger i can use.

    23. Ricky christie says:

      I lost my bl1813 so just recently bought a body only as i still had 1 battery and charger at home,im looking at buying another battery for it,would a bl1815 battery fit my model?

    24. Laura says:

      Is it possible to use a BL1430, which is 3.0 Ah on a piece of equipment that normally would use a BL1415 (1.3 Ah)? My reading leads me to believe this would be okay – basically, the 3.0 Ah means the battery would last longer. Correct?

    25. Nick says:

      Hi i purchased an 18v 1.3a drill set hitatchi recently. and would like to purchase a cordless jigsaw but im wondering if i buy a 18v cordless hitachi jigsaw will my batteries fit from my drill set. As most for sale advise 3 or 5 amp batteries in the jigsaw :-/

      • Richard Hughes says:

        Hi Mate,

        If you send me over the model number of the drill and of the jigsaw you’re looking to get I can check for you !


        • Nick says:

          Drills are DV18DGL DS18DGL
          Jigsaw is CJ18DSL/W4
          Thanks for such a quick reply didn’t expect lol

          • Nick says:

            18v 1.5 ah not 1.3 my bad

            • Richard Hughes says:

              Sorry Nick,

              It took some time to get a response back, I can confirm that all 18v Li-ion hitachi tools are compatible with all 18v li-ion batteries, regardless of Ah. The Jugsaw will drain the 1.5Ah batteries quite quickly as its a high drain machine, but it’ll certain run off them!

              I hope this helps!

    26. pete says:

      hi thinking of buying a makita ds611z 18v cordless saw,would i be able to use the batteries off my makita 18v impact drill,and hammer drill,the batteries are 18v 1.5ah li-ion thans pete.

      • Richard Hughes says:

        Hi Pete,

        Yeah it should be able to. If you send me the models of the impact drill/hammer drill i will double check for you!

    27. Matt Tutt says:

      Just brought a drill with a 18v 3.0ah battery. Now got a 4.5 inch disc grinder if I get 4.0,5.0 ah battery or higher will they be compatible with both my tools ?

      • Richard Hughes says:

        Hi Matt,

        What is the model number of your drill and Grinder? It should be 100% compatible, but if you give me the numbers I will double check for you!


    28. Jsmes says:

      I just got a dk18015x2 set with the 1.3 gseries battery I believe but is there any bigger battery out there or could I use other makita battery’s with it

      • Richard Hughes says:

        Hi Jsmes, I’m afraid not, the G Series Batteries are designed just for use with the 1.3 Ah batteries that come supplied with the tools. The 3 – 6Ah models only work with the 18v LXT range, which are not compatible with the G series range

    29. Reg carruthers says:

      I have makita drill with three 1.3 amp hour batteries. Just bought 3 amp hour same connection for hedge trimmer will it charge on drill charger. I get solid red light. Ta

    30. harry smith says:

      will the Makita JV183DZ 18v Cordless G-Series Jigsaw work with a makita 3.0ah battery

    31. Ken says:

      What battery fits the makita mxt.

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