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  • Graft Sealants & Adhesives – The best construction adhesive brand?

  • Graft - The Best Construction Adhesive?

    When looking for the best construction adhesive, sealant or filler, you have to be sure you’re buying the right one for the job and with Graft, we think we’ve got a brand that really sticks…

    Graft are the next big thing in the world of high quality adhesives, sealants and fillers and a brand new addition to the ITS collection. As a company, Graft are concerned first and foremost with reducing the impact of construction (specifically sealants and adhesives) on the environment. Their strengths as a manufacturer lay whole heartedly in the high quality of their products, and their conscientiousness about the industry and the world we live in. Nowhere will you find a range of sealants and adhesives that can cope with such a broad range of tasks, to such a high quality. Especially in such an environmentally conscious manner.


    It will come as no surprise that currently as a species we are operating in a way that continues to do harm to the world around us – Graft are doing their part to change the industry for the better. They manufacture products such as IPT sealant which uses Inert Polymer Technology; a non-reactive, environmentally friendly chemistry compatible with almost any building material, Graft also ensures that as a company there is 100% dedicated recycling wherever possible.

    Their comprehensive manufacturing experience and capabilities, matched with dedicated R&D investment, has positioned Graft products in the top ten in international rankings. Graft ships to 21 different countries worldwide, and through the fire research lab in Norway, they design and test products underpinned by the commitment and certification of their own, very highly set standards. At no point does the onus shift away from quality, safety and efficiency.

    Who are Graft? What’s the story?

    As a branch of the Polyseam family, Graft were created with the vision of producing the best adhesives, sealants and fillers in a fresh, simple and elegant way. Graft embodies the philosophy that Polyseam and products like the IPT Sealant represent; a forward thinking and pragmatic approach to an industry commodity. In the short time that Graft has been in operation they have received a huge outpouring of recognition and praise from the industry. Graft takes up to 80% of market usage in Norway’s commercial building industry and has also raked in multiple awards for innovation and quality as a manufacturer. But enough about Graft “the company”, let’s talk about their impressive range of products.

    Graft infographic

    Graft’s range of sealants, adhesives and fillers… comprehensive and flexible

    Graft has managed to create an all-encompassing range of sealants, adhesives and fillers – there is truly a product for all needs. Furthermore their products are for the most part more effective than their rival counterparts. For instance the FR acrylic is a 4 hour fire rated sealant developed and tested for use in a wide range of linear joints and fire-stopping applications in buildings. It seals pipes and cable penetrations with market-leading fire ratings to reinstate the fire integrity of masonry, dry lining walls and concrete floors.

    But it’s not just the more niche products that Graft have made their speciality. Their range of products includes: (the magnificent) IPT Sealant, Grab Adhesive, FR Acrylic, Acrylic Sealant, Silicone Sealant, MS Polymer, Construction Filler, Wood Filler, Coving Adhesive and much, much more – all of which easily face up to the task at hand.

    Inert Polymer Technology – What’s that all about?

    IPT Sealant is Graft’s flagship product, it’s the one that holds the badge of honour – the product that most stands out in the adhesive crowd. It was created to compete with, and outperform conventional silicone, MSP, butyl and acrylic-based products. It is said with pride that IPT Sealant can perform around 20 different applications, making it at very least the most versatile of the sealants on the market.

    The environmental benefits of using this product over the competitors are abundant: with just one sealant for so many different tasks there is less wastage from multiple tubes and the inert polymer technology means no reactivity with or harm to the environment in which it is used. It’s VOC-free (volatile organic compound) and there are no emissions or waste products involved meaning it really is as kind to mother nature as your local branch of Greenpeace. That is all great indeed, but in general though, how does it match up against the closest alternative?

    Graft Competitors chart

    With the range of skills displayed by IPT it’s easy to see why it’s taking the world by storm. Becoming over encumbered with multiple tubes of sealant and spare guns is a thing of the past. With just one tube you can fully see through most construction, ducting, joinery plumbing and tiling jobs (plus any that require a sanitary finish). On top of this (as if more reasons are required) Graft sealants are able to achieve some incredible feats. Take a look at these videos to see the hidden glory that is Graft…

    Graft – style and substance that’ll stick around

    The thing with Graft, it must be said, is that while the products are clearly impressive, the look is also just as impressive . But it’s not just style over substance, the look has been carefully crafted to house an elegant and incredibly easy to relate icon system of recognition. Never again will you be stood incredulously at the shelf, staring hopelessly at a sea of white tubes, trying to figure out if there even is a difference between them at all.

    It can be hard to decipher the jargon used for most chemically based products… it’s all well and good saying that the product “Conforms to ISO11600 F12.5P”, but how does that translate to someone who isn’t Walter White? How does any normal person apply that to the realGraft-Icon-Icon-System world? Graft has converted all of the nonsense into a simple set of icons. Each Graft product is colour coded and carries a unique list of icons making it simple to choose the correct product for the job, just browse by the easy to understand icons. Check em out….

    • Green = Grab adhesives and fillers
    • Orange = Sealants, MSP, Silicones and Acrylic
    • Yellow = New innovative product IPT (Inert Polymer Technology)
    • Red = Fire Products
    • Blue = Dry lining

    Put simply, with Graft you know what you’re getting, you know what you can achieve with it, and the choice is simple every step of the way. That is after all Graft’s aim, to remove the confusion, to strip back the layers of obscurity and give the customer the simple choice that they deserve; instead of technical jargon designed to oversell average products.

    So, are they the best construction adhesive brand out there?? Why should I buy Graft?

    When it comes to why you should buy Graft there are reasons in spades, as you’ve just read. But don’t just take our word for it, the industry has spoken overwhelmingly positively on the subject. There’s no shortage of proof if you remain unconvinced…

    • 97% + performance rating across 21 different countries
    • ISO9001 & ISO14001 accredited standards
    • 4 globally recognised standards compliance
    • 1 Prestigious Innovation Award
    • 3 years running Supplier of the Year
    • 3 Professional Industry Memberships

    Here at ITS we love Graft. It’s not every day that such a high quality product comes along, least of all one that is as progressive and impressive as those we have before us. Even rarer still, one that is priced as reasonably and looks as fantastic as the collective Graft range. My advice to any readers out there is to get involved with the revolution; Give Graft sealants and adhesives a go if you, like us, care about the world we live in, and most importantly if you want a perfect, tailored result every time, with no fuss.

    Have you tried Graft adhesives? What did you think? What’s your thoughts? Let us know! You can comment in the comment box below or contact us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+… We’d love to hear from you.

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