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It's common knowledge that Worx are extremely selective with who they stock their range with. We're proud to bring you this large range of Worx Power and Garden Tools.

WORX Cordless

Worx PowerShare | All your projects with 1 battery

With Worx PowerShare you get exactly what you are looking for. And nothing you don’t, saving you money. Because a Worx PowerShare battery is compatible with any Worx PowerShare cordless DIY and Garden tools

Why 20v MAX & not 18V?

20V is the resting voltage of your battery. As soon as you’re using it, it is now connected to the electronics and the battery is now under load. It’s this load that gives it an actual output of 18v.

Long story short, Worx call it 20V but it’s 18V!


Universal Multi Tool

Universal Accessories | Multi Material

Hyperlock Quick Release System

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