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  1. Sealey SSP141 Sealey SSP141 Leather Welding Gauntlets Lined Pair
  2. Sealey WE1025 Sealey WE1025 Welding Electrodes 2.5 x 300mm Pack of 10
  3. Sealey WE1032 Sealey WE1032 Welding Electrodes 3.2 x 300mm Pack of 10
  4. Sealey TG100/1 Sealey Flux Coated MIG Welding Wire 0.9kg 0.9mm A5.20 Class E71T-GS
  5. Sealey SO1001 Solar Powered Welding Helmet
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  6. Sealey WE1020 Sealey WE1020 Welding Electrodes 2.0 x 300mm Pack of 10
  7. Sealey MIG/7K08 Sealey MIG/7K08 Mild Steel MIG Wire 0.7kg 0.8mm A18 Grade
  8. Sealey MIG/7K06 Sealey MIG/7K06
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  9. Sealey MIG951 Sealey MIG951 Contact Tip 0.6mm TB14 Pack of 5
  10. Sealey MIG952 Sealey MIG952 Contact Tip 0.8mm TB14 Pack of 5
  11. Sealey MIG/MIX/100 Sealey MIG/MIX/100 Gas Cylinder Disposable Carbon Dioxide/Argon 60ltr
  12. Sealey MIG/ARG/100 Sealey MIG/ARG/100 Gas Cylinder Disposable Argon 60ltr
  13. Sealey CO2/101 Sealey CO2/101 Gas Cylinder Disposable Carbon Dioxide 600g
  14. Sealey REG/MMG Sealey REG/MMG MIG Gas Regulator Disposable Cylinder 1 Gauge
  15. Sealey 120802032 Sealey Gas Conversion Kit
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