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Power Tool Accessories

Vaunt Bundle

Just as important as your power tools; below are a wide range of our various power tool accessories. We all like to spend a bit of money on our tools, but accessories are just as important, because if you don’t get the right accessory then your tool won’t fulfil its potential. As you can see there is a huge choice of accessories available for any number of corded and cordless power tools. All of our power tool batteries, power tool chargers, drill bits and saw blades are listed below, along with plenty of bit sets, jigs and other accessories.

  1. Air Tool Accessories
    Air Tool Accessories
  2. Band Saw Blades
    Band Saw Blades
  3. Batteries & Chargers
    Batteries & Chargers
  4. Batteries
  5. Bosch Tile Router Accessories
    Bosch Tile Router Accessories
  6. Brads, Nails & Staples
    Brads, Nails & Staples
  7. Broaching Cutters
    Broaching Cutters
  8. Circular Saw Blades
    Circular Saw Blades
  9. Chargers
  10. Clamping Systems
    Clamping Systems
  11. Cutting & Grinding Discs
    Cutting & Grinding Discs
  12. Diamond Discs
    Diamond Discs
  13. Drilling Accessories
    Drilling Accessories
  14. Dust Sheets and Tarpaulin
    Dust Sheets and Tarpaulin
  15. Grinder Accessories
    Grinder Accessories
  16. Jigsaw & Recip Saw Blades
    Jigsaw & Recip Saw Blades
  17. Karcher Accessories
    Karcher Accessories
  18. Multicutter Accessories
    Multicutter Accessories
  19. Nail Gun Fuel Cells
    Nail Gun Fuel Cells
  20. Paslode Nail Gun Accessories
    Paslode Nail Gun Accessories
  21. Planer Blades
    Planer Blades
  22. Plunge Saw Accessories
    Plunge Saw Accessories
  23. Router Cutters
    Router Cutters
  24. Routing Accessories
    Routing Accessories
  25. Routing Jigs
    Routing Jigs
  26. Sanding
  27. Screwdriver Bits
    Screwdriver Bits
  28. Welding Accessories
    Welding Accessories

Power Tool Accessories

Get the most out of your tools & accessories

We all know to do a job right you have to have the right tools – but the same also applies to your tool accessories. It’s all very well having a top of the range plunge saw, but if you put the wrong circular saw blades in that saw then it’s not going to perform anywhere near its optimum capability. It would be like buying a Ferrari and driving around on budget tyres.

The Best Bits

Not only is it worth making sure that the accessory offers the same quality as your tool but also some accessories are purpose built for particular power tools and jobs. For example if you’ve brought yourself an impact driver you may be tempted to buy some normal screwdriver bits with it. However there are specific ‘impact driver bits’ that are designed to cope with the extra torque that an impact driver exerts. The same applies to other power tools and accessories, so be sure that you’ve got the right tool and the right accessory for you job.

Power Tool Batteries

The most important accessory for cordless power tools is of course the battery. We stock a huge variety of batteries from all the big power tool brands in the UK. We have the latest technology from Makita, Dewalt, Bosch, Metabo, Panasonic, Milwaukee and Festool. But if you’re not looking for the newest Lithium-ion batteries then have no fear because we also stock a number of NiCD and Ni-MH all in many varieties of Ah.

We’re here to help

If you are unsure of what power tool accessory it is that you’re after then please contact us at ITS and a member of our experienced sales staff can discuss with you all of the best options and help you make the right buying decision.