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Our extensive range of Stanley Hand Tools

When putting together your tool collection, it is essential that you have everything you need. With our range of Stanley hand tools you'll be able to find quality hand tools with no problems at all. Encompassing an enormous amount of different applications, we feature a large selection of Stanley tools that can feature in a variety of different tradesmen's tool bag. We stock Stanley levels, tape measures, saws, hammers, knives and blades, amongst others - basically everything that a jobbing tradesman would want in their hand tool collection. It's a wide range and if you're not sure what is best for you, our tool specialists are ready to give expert advice when you need it.

  1. Stanley Tape Measures
    Stanley Tape Measures
  2. Stanley Knives
    Stanley Knives
  3. Stanley Levels
    Stanley Levels
  4. Stanley Hammers
    Stanley Hammers
  5. Stanley Saws
    Stanley Saws
  6. Stanley Wrecking Bars
    Stanley Wrecking Bars
  7. Stanley Drylining Tools
    Stanley Drylining Tools
  8. Stanley Surform & Blades
    Stanley Surform & Blades
  9. Stanley Chalk Lines & Chalk
    Stanley Chalk Lines & Chalk
  10. Stanley Screwdrivers & Ratchets
    Stanley Screwdrivers & Ratchets
  11. Stanley Pliers & Cutters
    Stanley Pliers & Cutters
  12. Stanley Bolsters & Chisels
    Stanley Bolsters & Chisels
  13. Stanley Squares & Rules
    Stanley Squares & Rules
  14. Stanley Planes & Irons
    Stanley Planes & Irons
  15. Stanley Wood Chisels
    Stanley Wood Chisels
  16. Stanley Clamps
    Stanley Clamps

Stanley has been an extremely popular and successful manufacturer of quality hand tools for nearly 100 years, forming in 1920 as the ‘Stanley Rule and Level Company’. Their pedigree means they are experts in quality production and innovative development of products that are constants in every tradesman’s tool bags around the world.

The hand tool that is most associated with the brand is the utility knife, or – as everyone calls it – the Stanley knife. Because of their notoriety with this all-rounder tool, there are many reasons to choose Stanley over other brands. Their range is wide and pretty much covers every aspect of utility knives. The high-performance Fat Max range, boasting their strongest, sharpest blades with the longest life and Fat Max Xtreme knives take this heavy duty range even further with premium quality construction for the most hardcore jobs. Although this is a multi-purpose tool, ITS stocks many different variations such as fixed blade, twin blade, folding, retractable and snap-off blade knives. Call us for expert advice on what knife is best for you.

Tape measures are another popular product from Stanley. ITS stock a large range, featuring magnetic, bi-material, metric and imperial tapes plus, once again, the Fat Max & Fat Max Xtreme name is attached to some of these measures, promising long life and solid construction. We offer great twin and triple packs so there’s not only plenty of choice but also great value too.

Fat Max and Fat Max Xtreme features heavily in the range of Stanley levels we’ve got in stock. The Fat Max Xtreme levels feature rock-solid box beam construction which is up to 5 times stronger than conventional levels, magnified centre vial, solid block vials for excellent accuracy of 0.5mm/m and bi-material hand grips. Again, we’re proud to stock some brilliant value multi packs too so great value is never far away.

The latest in Stanley’s hammer technology is well worth having a look at. With vibration dampening advancements and solid construction materials, these hammers mean business and will be an awesome asset to any tool collection. Additionally, we stock Stanley nail punch sets that make it easy to set nails just where you want them.

Stanley saws come in all different shapes and sizes, and their different applications mean that you’ll have the right tools at your fingertips. The universal heavy duty handsaws come in 20'' and 22'' and if you need more than just the one, we have boxes of 10 saws available. As well as these, there are hacksaws and jab saws that are great to use for general-purpose work with wood and plasterboard.

As you can see from the different categories above, we stock many different types of Stanley hand tools so chances are that we’ll have what you need. From specialised drylining tools and carpenter’s chisels and planes, to general purpose tools like wrecking bars, screwdrivers, squares, pliers and cutters – chances are that we’ve got the tools you’re looking for. We’re always on hand to help you with any questions or queries you might have and we’re proud that we have 99% of items in stock and ready to be sent out to you next day delivery (even on Sundays!).