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The ITS Hub is the original home for news on the latest tools and reviews. Since founding in 2013 we've grown our team to be the go to source for the latest news, reviews, buying guides, tricks and tips, frequently asked questions and funny memes.

After 7 years in the game our team of editors are growing, passionate about what they do at ITS and how they can bring the future of industrial tools into focus for all of our readers.

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  • How to Clean Your Boots

    By Richard Hughes | 15-01-2019
    Well we’ve all done it, bought a nice pair of “Honey coloured” boots, worn them for a couple of days and before you know it there’s a big black mark all down the side or a scuff on the toe!
  • How to Look after your Lithium-ion Batteries

    By Richard Hughes | 30-01-2019
    In this post I hope to give you a run-down of the customer feedback we get here at ITS regarding Li-ion Power tool batteries, we also have some suggestions as to how to get the most out of them and hopefully make them last longer.
  • Top 10 Milwaukee Fan Boys

    By Joshua Cooling | 22/02/2019
    The Top 10 Milwaukee Fan Boys