Makita Cordless Tools – What’s New?

With all the New Years celebrations out of the way, it’s time we got back on the job. Luckily for us, Makita didn’t take a backwards step during the Holiday season, which is great news because come early January they had a number of new, impressive cordless tools to show off at their first product launch of 2015. Here at ITS we were paying close attention what was on offer and can now bring you an insider’s rundown of what we can expect from Makita over the coming weeks and months.

DTD148 Impact Driver


Let’s kick things off with this! It’s the one I personally have been looking forward to the most. With last year’s launch of the DHP481 combi drill Makita improved on their already impressive Combi Drill range. Now they have done the same with impact drivers by introducing the DTD148, which is an upgrade to the extremely popular DTD129. Don’t take my word for it, have a look at the spec figures by clicking here: Makita DTD148. In brief the 148 is a Brushless Impact Driver that uses 18v Li-ion batteries (compatible with all standard 18v li-ion batteries from 1.3Ah – 5.0Ah). It’s the smallest Impact Driver I’ve yet to see with a head width of just 119mm making it perfect for squeezing into those tight places between joists and the like. Inside that compact body is a very powerful motor which can generate 175Nm of torque. Again, a step up from predecessors and competitors.

Another handy note of this is the inclusion of the new ‘T-Mode’ and torque selector. The torque selector is a digital gauge which lets you select between soft, hard and medium torque. ‘T-Mode’ Is a setting built from Self Drilling Screws, like ‘auto’ torque, where the motor itself starts on full RPM and full TORQUE, but as the screw is going into your material the RPM and TORQUE is reduced. This allows you to finish the fixing gently and smoothly without worrying about damaging your screw, bit or material. I was very impressed with the DTD148 and I’m happy to say that it’s going to be available soon from us here at ITS, either as a Body Only Unit or with a number of batteries.

Makita DTS141 Oil Impulse Driver


This was one to make us stand up and take note, mainly because we didn’t know what an Oil Impulse Driver was! Well it took some educating, but I finally got my head round what was involved. Essentially the motor replaces the hammer & anvil style of motor and replaces it with a oil unit that uses ball bearings to generate a similar ‘impact action’ but without the same level of noise as an impact driver. The DTS141 has been rated at a pretty quiet 75dB whereas most impact drivers are rated at 96dB+ so it is far better for your ears if you’re going to be using it on site all day.

As far as torque goes, the 141 is only rated at 40Nm – surprisingly low – which makes me think that hydraulic motors must be rated differently to impact motors. I’ve tried screwing in all sorts of fixings with this and it matches the DTD148 on all of them (if all a touch slower) but it certainly gives more power than a standard ‘impact driver’ at 40Nm.

DGA454 and DGA504 Brushless Grinders


It seems as if Makita have certainly bought into the ‘Brushless’ generation, as they launch even more brushless tools into their ever growing 18v Li-ion range. These impressive new grinders are the 115mm (DGA454) and 125mm (DGA504) models which are the most popular and build on the success of the DGA452. They are compatible with Makita 18v Li-ion batteries from 1.5Ah – 5Ah and have a 22mm bore. The brushless motors enable these models to get more out of your battery in terms of overall runtime and general performance.  For more info on brushless motors please check out this article.

DHR165 Compact Rotary Drill

Although this one isn’t brushless, it’s a handy addition to the range. For those of you that want a lightweight, compact solution to drilling into masonry this is the best option for you. It will also take SDS bits with its adapted SDS-PLUS bit holder.  At only 2.2Kg the DHR165 is extremely light for a rotary hammer and has a handle designed to make it the perfect tool for minimum hand fatigue and pain.

With its 2 modes users can choose between Rotary Only or Rotary Hammer – it does not have a Chiselling Mode which many SDS+ machines come with.

DMR106 and DMR106B Jobsite Bluetooth Radio


The Makita DMR106 is an impressive site radio that utilizes the latest bluetooth technology enabling users to wirelessly connect their own bluetooth compatible device to the most popular brand of jobsite radio in the UK.

Now the DMR106 is not DAB compatible so you won’t be able to select your favourite digital radio stations but with the bluetooth function… who needs digital? Of course, it does have access to AM & FM frequencies from 522-1629 KHz on AM and 87.5 – 108 FM.

Another point of note is that the DMR106 is only compatible with 18v Li-ion batteries (from 1.5Ah – 5.0AH), but not any of the Ni-CD or NiMH batteries.

So that’s the latest from our friends over at Makita, we’re looking forward to see which of the above catches on and what you guys think of these new cordless tools out there on site. Be sure to let us know your thoughts by commenting below and sharing this with the Makita fans on site. 


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