On Monday 17th September 2012 after months of hard work we finally moved into our new distribution centre in Loughton, Essex.

We now have as an addition to our premises, an impressive facility that will allow us to continue to grow without compromising our continued commitment to provide our customers with a great service.


Our new facilities provide advanced technologies that will help monitor and improve efficiencies.
We have invested heavily in our equipment for both the warehouse and office, ensuring we deliver to you exactly what you have ordered when you want it.

We now have a combined floor space of over 100,000 square feet with a storage volume of 83,500 cubic metres. With the new distribution centre having an overall height of 10.5m, that’s a lot of space for tools!

100,000 feet squared of floor area
= over 1,000 dust sheets laid out on the floor

83,500 cubic metres of space
= over 7,000 Ford transit vans, full to the brim

10.5 metres high
= over 5,000 circular saw blades right to the roof


This space will allow us to continue to buy in bulk which means we can pass greater discounts onto our customers.

It will also allow us to expand our range and stock products we currently don’t – so if there is anything you think we are missing please feel free to let us know!

Take a look at this photograph. Here is an example of one of our aisles. With a 10.5 metre high floor area, we are able to stack our stock right to the top of the warehouse, utilising each and every available inch of space.



So how long has it taken?
The keys were handed over to us on March 5th 2012 and from there on, it took 4 months and hundreds of contractors, some of which were our customers, just to get the to the stage where we could start moving our products across.

Once we reached that point we could then go ahead with laying out the warehouse so it operates in the most efficient way. 2 more months of hard work and then we were ready to move in.
(sounds easy when you say it like that – believe us it wasn’t!!)

 Warehouse Before                                                                             Warehouse After


Sales Office Before                                                                             Sales Office After


As well as the new warehouse facilities the new building also holds our head office which incorporates our sales team (the guys you speak to when you place an order), our customer service team, as well as stock control, marketing , admin and accounts departments.

Our sales team are equipped with the knowledge and information to advise you on whatever you maybe ordering – so if you are unsure on which power tool you need, they are happy to help and advise you.

Managing Director, Kevin Hubbard commented “It has taken it’s time but now we are in, things have gone almost without a glitch. The warehouse seems to be running very smoothly and those in the offices have all settled in nicely. It’s so rewarding to now have a headquarters to be proud of and which we are able to serve our customers even better than ever before.”

We would like to thank all our customers for helping to turn ITS into what we are today.


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