This is undoubtedly the best sanding block I have ever used and comes with all the benefits of the ABRANET SYSTEM. I have found the ABRANET ergonomic sanding block incredibly useful from door frames to skirting to window sills, doors, staircases. I did think that if the block had a ‘D’
handle it would give so much more control and be a little bit more comfortable.

To cut a long story short, I fed this back to Mirka and through determination they produced the “Handy“. By introducing a ‘D’ type handle it gives the user much more control and you can vary the pressure and still have a good hold of the tool.

The block becomes an extension of my hand it allows me to feel the walls-ceilings and surfaces I am sanding. It has a comfortable soft grip handle and the 55 holes in the base pad gives an amazing dust suction via a Mirka extraction unit. As the ABRANET abrasives are a net the dust is sucked through the whole face of the sheet helping reduce clogging but most importantly keeping the working surface clean.


FEATURES                                          BENEFITS
✓ Soft grip handle                             ✓ More control
✓ ‘D’ shaped handle gives so        ✓ Air vents below handle create a small air flow
much more control                               helping cool the hand & aid the dust removal
✓ Eco ABRANET abrasives fast     ✓ Swivel end helps reduce
change over                                        ✓ Virtually dust free sanding
✓ Air flow adjuster where
hose is attached


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