Makita 4.0 Ah Battery…. its here!

The big news this month is the release of the Makita 4.0 Ah battery (BL1840) Here at ITS we have worked hard to bring you the all the infomation that you need on this recent addition to Makita’s ever popular LXT 18v power tool range.

The news that Makita are about the launch a 4Ah Battery to the market is very significant because they are the last of the ‘big boys’ to bring out a 4.0Ah or above battery. Those of you that already own a bucket load of the Makita LXT 3.0 Ah tool range are in luck because these new batteries are compatible with virtually all of the 3.0Ah range.

Makita 4 ah Battery

Whats so special?

If you’re not a Makita fan than you are probably reading this thinking… 4Ah Makita Batteries seriously?!? Dewalt, Bosch and Hitachi Released a 4Ah battery range ages ago and Metabo are looking at new heights with 5.2Ah batteries and above! Well that may be the case but those brands have nowhere near the same number of compatible tools that use the same battery. So when this range gets a facelift, the world sits up and takes note.

Makita tell us that these new BL1840 4Ah batteries will have a 35% increase in capacity, which is fairly standard when it comes to the leap from 3Ah to 4Ah, most manufacturers banded figures around from 30-38% increase in capacity.

Charge a  4.0Ah Battery in 36 minutes!

The main reason we loved the Makita 3Ah batteries wasn’t just because of the HUGE range of tools that it worked with, but also the ground-breaking 22 minute charge time. This massively reduced downtime and allowed the user to get the most of their tools and of their days. Well the same can be said for the new Makita 4.0Ah batteries. Where competitors batteries can take over an hour to fully charge Makita tell us that their new 4Ah batteries will fully charge in 36 minutes which again wins them the battle as they offer high quality capacity and also minimal downtime – letting you crack on with what’s important!

makita 4.0 ah battery - downtime

What does it all mean?

Now it’s important to remember that a greater Ah results in greater capacity! Put bluntly it means that your batteries will last longer on a single charge – and therefore do more jobs. It DOESN’T mean more power!

With these new Batteries, Makita have launched several fantastic new products that will come with the Makita 4.0Ah batteries such as the DHP480 Cordless Hammer Drill Driver and the DDF480 Cordless Drill Driver so you don’t have to splash out solely on a new battery; you could get 2 batteries and a brand new Drill. They’ll also be launching a couple of 2 piece kits namely the DLX2002M Brushless kit and the DLX2005M.

Can I use them with my current tools?

Don’t worry if you already have a number of Makita tools as the vast majority of the 18v Cordless Makita range that uses 3.0Ah batteries will also be compatible with the BL1840 4Ah batteries, with the exceptions of several of the older models.

makita 4.0 ah battery compatiblity

So what are your thoughts on Makita launching their 4.0Ah batteries? Let us know by commenting below and remember to share this article with your friends so they can keep up to date with all the latest power tool news.


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