Frenzy!? Damned straight! We love the Festool brand here at ITS and we felt it was time to highlight Festool’s incredible range of premium tools and accessories – all reduced for a limited time only!

In our latest issue, we felt it was only right to throw the spotlight on a brand that many of you will know but may not have necessarily used or seen in the flesh before – Festool. Festool’s range of premium power tools and accessories are ALL REDUCED right now at ITS so if you’ve ever wondered whether you should take that next step up to a brand who’s top-notch products, service and reputation are second to none – now is definitely the time to get involved!

Why should I buy Festool? Quality, precision, attention to detail… to say, Festool’s reputation for excellent quality, premium products precedes itself. They are a company that prides itself on producing the very best products that are innovative, reliable and aims to supply the gold-standard of tools – perfect for the professional tradesman. Festool has more than 80 years experience in the production of power tools and since their inception, they’ve been striving to create products that facilitate the highest quality workmanship.

The thing that sets them apart is their attention to the finest of details – giving the tradesman the precision they need to create their best work everytime. Festool products are designed to solve the toughest of problems and offer the next level of quality to make your work life easier and therefore increase efficiency.

Festool Service All-Inclusive – one hell of a service package!

So the tools are great, that’s a given but what about all the niggly things that are so important with purchases such as these… Y’know, guarantees, spare parts, theft-protection… Well, Festool have this absolutely down!

They’re ‘Service All-Inclusive’ packages includes everything you’d need from a service package:

  • 36-month cost protection guarantee. That’s right, a 3 year guarantee covering all material and manufacturing defects as well as wear parts such as battery packs, carbon brushes, ball bearings switches etc.
  • 36-month theft protection. No matter whether your Festool machine is stolen from your van, workshop or site, with this great service feature, you get a brand new machine for an excess fee of only £100.
  • 15-day money back guarantee. So if you get your Festool product and you’re still not sure whether it’s right for you, you can return it and get your money back within the first 15 days of purchase.
  • 10-year spare part availability. Festool guarantee the availability of spare parts for your machine for 10 years and if they don’t have the spare part you need, you’ll get a new machine free of charge.

Although these advantages are clearly pretty amazing, there’s more than this! Check out the ITS Festool All-Inclusive page now for more information.

Why should I upgrade to Festool?, you may say, why should I upgrade to a premium brand like Festool – my tools seem to work perfectly well as they are? Well, it’s obvious to say that investing in yourself is extremely worthwhile, whether it be education, power tools or that extra Double Decker to give you that energy boost! With investing in a brand like Festool, you’re buying into a more efficient way of working as you’ll be using the highest quality products with exacting tolerances. This will ultimately save you time and materials which is always a good thing.

With every premium product, there is naturally a price difference between them and other, more general brands. So, question is can you afford it? Well, yes is the short answer! Working with such precision engineered tools means you are more efficient… efficiency equals time and time equals money! But it’s not just the time-saving you get when on a job, Festool designs all their products with a long-term state-of-mind meaning that you wont have to think about replacing your equipment after a few short years.

What products are on offer in the ITS Festool Frenzy?

In short – everything! All Festool products are on offer at the moment… There’s Festool Saws, drill drivers, jigsaws, sanders, routers, planers an even extraction and storage units – there’s something for everyone. But let’s throw a spotlight on just some of the offers we’ve got in our FESTOOL FRENZY!

FESTOOL TS55 55mm Circular Plunge Saw Package

  • 55mm Max Cutting Capacity 90 degrees
  • 43mm Max Cutting Capacity 45 degrees
  • Includes 2 x 1.4m Guide rails, systainer case, splinter guard and 48 tooth blade, guide rail storage bag and 2 Connector pieces.

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  • Brushless EC Motor for maximum service life and efficiency
  • 60Nm Torque
  • Max in wood 50mm, steel 12mm, masonry 10mm
  • 2 x 5.2Ah Li-ion batteries
  • 1 x 90min charger
  • Includes CENTROTEC tool chuck and bit holder, FastFix keyless chuck, PZ2 bit and Systainer case

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FESTOOL KS120 Kapex Sliding Compound Mitre Saw

  • 88mm Max depth of cut
  • 305mm Max cross cut
  • Mitre capacity: Left 50 degrees / Right 60 degrees
  • Bevel capacity: Left 47 degrees / Right 47 degrees
  • Includes 60 tooth universal saw blade and workpiece clamp

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FESTOOL OF2200 1/2″ Shank Router

  • 70mm Max plunge depth
  • Tool-free copying ring and base runner change
  • Fast, convenient router-bit change
  • Dual guide column clamp for extra torsional rigidity and greater precision
  • Includes 8mm, 12mm & 1/2″ collets, 30mm copying ring, chip deflector and Systainer carry case

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  • Brushless EC Motor for maximum service life and efficiency
  • D-Handle grip
  • Max cut in wood 120mm, NF metals 20mm, steel 10mm
  • Includes 2 x blades, splinterguard, StickFix baseplate and Systainer case

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FESTOOL RO150 150mm Eccentric Rotex Sander

  • 3 functions: course sanding, fine sanding and polishing
  • 150mm diameter base
  • Variable speed
  • Eccentric motion for high-quality, scratch-free surfaces
  • Includes FastFix sanding pad (soft), StickFix sanding disc (Brilliant 2), Festool PROTECTOR and Systainer carry case

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FESTOOL CTM26E M Class Dust Extractor

  • 350-1200 Watt
  • Capacities; container 26 Litres, filter bag 24 Litres
  • Approved for dust category M
  • Compact high performance turbine for constantly high suction
  • Includes Selfclean filter bag, suction hose, hose holder and cable holder

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So, there you have it, all the reasons you could possibly ever need to get into the ITS fantastic Festool Frenzy! It’s only for a limited time so you’d better get your knock-out savings soon before you miss out!


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