With all the doom and gloom that we have been used to reading over the past few years at last it is nice to see some serious positivity with regards to the construction industry.

As mortgage lenders loosen their belts and schemes such as the ‘help to buy’ are introduced it seems that things may have now been given a kick start once again.

The BBC recently reported that in July the construction industry reached its highest level of activity since June 2010 and according to “The Guardian” house building has risen by 6% in the 3 months leading up to June.


But are these claims that are floating around actually being reflected in reality and creating more work for our customers?
Well yes, it seems that there is a more positive vibe from most of the tradesman we speak to, diaries are getting full again and ourselves (ITS) have also noticed a distinct increase in sales over recent months.

Statistics are also proving that house prices are generally on the rise which always gives our industry a bit of a wake up too.
(The Rightmove house price index indicates that house prices have risen for 7 consecutive months and saw a 4.8% year on year growth in July)

Considering 2011 and 2012 saw a wave of construction for the Olympics it is impressive to see that 2013 is already looking healthier. (The construction Managers Index shows that construction output has grown at its fastest pace since 2010)

We at ITS sincerely hope that these positive figures are starting to have a knock on effect to all you that are reading this, and that you are able to rest a bit easier knowing that the  future for our industry isn’t looking as bleak as it once was.

Please let us know your experiences over the past year or so and whether or not you believe that these changes are going to help in the long term. You can comment below or get in touch via our facebook, twitter and google+ pages.


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