Top 10 DeWALT Fanboy Moments

We’ve seen a lot of tradesmen become very brand loyal over recent years with DeWalt, Milwaukee, Makita & Festool taking the top spots for fanboyism.

We at ITS love top 10 lists as much as the next guy so with that in mind it’s time for…TOP 10 TIMES TRADESMEN HAVE FANBOYED OVER DeWALT! Can you beat any of these setups? Comment below with your efforts!


10) Sometimes less is more, I can imagine working from this it would be nothing but joy.

Part of the charm here is you can see this is clearly someone who's foccused on the work and has got "All the Tools he Needs" to get the job done! The addition of the Defender Site Light is a nice touch.

9) Let the battery, see the tool! If this is the battery collection, I’d love to see the rest!

Dan Parkin claims you can "Never have enough batteries" though while I admire his appreciation of the power supply, Ben on Facebook seems to think he's got enough. How many tools  do you reckon he's got?!

8) It’s a tad long and thin but this guy’s certainly got all he’ll need!

Phil from the UK has got an impressive set up here, but the real question on everyone's minds is, how'dyu get them so high, Phil?! Either this chaps ladder collection is as impressive has his DeWalt stack, or he's playing some risky games involving jumping. Yes, I know please let's just agree to ignore that top case and pretend it's not there 🙄

7) Do they have a screw loose? Or are they just Nuts! The UK's first Power Tool Themed wedding...

I'm all for themed weddings and people doing what suits them but if I suggested a DEWALT themed wedding to the missus she'd beat me six ways from sunday! That's exactly what the happy couple from Wales did however, with the men dressed in yellow & black suits and personalised DeWalt Tape Measures as wedding favours, their entire wedding was dedicated to DeWalt! Read more about it here.

6) DeWalt Customer Matt Clare seems to have everything in his DeWalt kit but the kitchen sink?

Ignore the fact it's set up on his driveway and quite clearly w*lly waving, I think he's every right to show off this impressive collection.

5) Stocking up on batteries!

This particularly dedicated DeWalt Fanboy has clearly decided to stock up on batteries. Unpacking a delivery of 15 freshly sealed brand new DeWalt 5.0ah batteries - ooh the excitement!


4) I don’t know what this is or where it’s come from but can one man possibly need this much DeWalt?!

Matthew S who is a keen DeWalt user in the UK is boasting his set up below. He does admit that him and a few of his mates got together for this impressive shot, but nonetheless it's fun to look at!

3) If this guys work is anything like his Tool organisation then he’s hired!

Alton from North Carolina in the US seems to have a good handle on what he needs when it comes to tool supplies! With a count of 13 tools in this image alone, he's clearly a fan. Although some of the tools look like they could do with a bit of a clean!



2) A workshop and a half?! Spot anything here that takes your fancy?

I'm  not sure what Curtis does for a living but this is one organised fellow. Do you think this is a DIY Shed-Setup or a professional tradesman earning a living?

1) The king of DeWalt! 

It’d be rude to do a top 10 DeWalt setup list without including Gus’s amazing van setup that did the rounds a few years ago. The photo really doesn’t do it justice. Be sure to watch the video on the ITS Facebook page here!

Gus caused quite a storm on Social Media not too long ago with his efforts in this van. One of the biggest concerns was security and people nicking his stuff! Would you leave your tools in your van like this?


Well that's all folks! We've scoured the web for some of the best DeWalt setups and listed our favourites above. Do you think we missed any? Can YOU rival any of these setups?! We'd love to see yorus in the comments below. Keep an eye out for other posts in this serious featuring Makita, Milwaukee and Festool!



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