Which Makita Drill?

We're reviving our yearly What Makita Drill series for 2018! Our past two editions have proven to be extremely popular so we figured it's time we updated this yet again for 2018. Catch up on 2014's version here and 2017 can be found here.

Choosing the right drill for you amongst Makita's broad range can be difficult to say the least.

Makita's range ranges from entry level suitable for hobbyist and DIY enthusiasts to heavy duty brushless tools great for tradesmen relying on the tools day in day out. The Makita range can be broken down into 2 main categories. LXT and CXT. LXT is Makita's 18V offering and is what we'll be looking at today. CXT is their newer Compact 10.8V tools.

Drill roundup key points

DHP: The only difference between DHP and DDF drill is the inclusion of a Hammer Action. DHP Drills include a hammer action while DDF Drills do not. All drills in this round up are DHP and thus, include a hammer action

Battery: All drills in this round up use Makita 18V Li-Ion batteries and are compatible with all Makita 18V Li-Ion batteries

Torque: Rotational force described in Newton Metres (NM). This higher the NM, the more rotational force the drill has

Motor: Brushless motors are more efficient than brushed motors meaning that more of the motors total power is turned into rotational force. This makes for increased run time and life expectancy

Weight: The weight of the drill body only, excluding the battery

Max in Wood: That maximum bit diameter that can be used by this tool in wood

Which Makita Drill is best?

Makita Drills Compared

The drills featured here are the most popular 18V Li-ion Drills, we'll be looking at CXT and Impact drivers in another post but for today, we're focusing on just these 5. The main things to consider when deciding which Makita Drill is right for you are the application and frequency for which you intend to use your new tool and the amount of money you wish to spend. There certainly will be something that is a great fit.

Makita DHP459

First up is the Brushless entry level Makita DHP459. The brushless motor provides up to 50% more run time with increased power, speed and an overall increased tool lifetime. With its metal gears and 45nm of Torque the DHP459 can drill into Wood (38mm), Metal (13mm) and Masonry (13mm). The DHP459 also includes a hammer action. This is great for DIY-Enthusiasts, those that don't use a drill every day and for light tasks with great run time.


Makita DHP484

The Makita DHP484 is a popular all-rounder choice. It's brushless motor provides great power with extended run times. 54nm of torque will suit most applications including Wood (38mm), Metal (13mm) and Masonry (13mm). This model is also part of Makitas XPT (Extreme Protection Technology) meaning it is resistant against water and dust. This is advantageous over the DHP459 due to the increased power.


Makita DHP482

The Makita DHP482 is a low priced general duty all round drill. Its 4-Pole motor produces 62Nm of Torque and is complete with metal gears. The hammer actions makes the DHP482 suitable for drilling in most materials including Wood (38mm), Metal (13mm) and Masonry (13mm). This is a step up in motor power compared to that of the 459 and while the motor is not brushless, it does provide an extra 17Nm of torque over the brushless DHP459. Suitable as a general purpose drill for most tradespeople working on a budget.


Makita DHP483

The DHP483 is a new addition to this years line up, not featuring in previous years comparisons. This compact and lightweight drill replaces the very popular DHP456. It sits right in the middle of Makita's 18v cordless combi drill range as it delivers more torque than some other models. but isn't quite top of the range, its very much a 'general purpose' machine capable of doing the vast majority of jobs around site. Offering similar power to the DHP482 this Brushless DHP483 offers increased run time and life expectancy, perfect for most tradespeople. One thing to keep in mind is that the slightly lower power DHP482 is constructed from higher quality metal parts, meaning it's casing and gears can be subject to more daily abuse than this DHP483.


Makita DHP458

The DHP458 is one of our most popular drills in the Makita range and will handle pretty much anything you throw at it. With metal gears, full metal chuck, metal gear housing and a side handle included, it is one of the more powerful tools in the range. With 88Nm Torque it is more than capable of drilling into wood (65mm), Metal (13mm) and Masonry (16mm). This model is also fitted with a battery level gauge. The DHP458 offers more torque (power) than all other drills in the list so far. It's heavier and is suitable for more heavy duty work.


Makita DHP481

The Makita DHP481 is at the top end of the range and is also the most expensive, similar to the DHP458 however with a brushless motor, the DHP481 will make light work of even the toughest surfaces. Drilling into wood (76mm), Metal (13mm) and Masonry (16mm) the brushless motor offers extended run time over its DHP458 counterpart. This is the tool for those using it day in, day out and need something that they can rely on. With 115Nm of torque this is our most powerful tool in the range. It also has the added benefit over the DHP458 of being brushless, meaning less energy is lost from the motor increasing efficiency, run time and tool lifespan.


What Makita Drill should I buy?

The Makita 18V LXT Range has a drill to suit every need. There's really no one answer to the question Which Makita Drill should you buy, but with the information above you'll be able to make an informed choice depending on your budget and the intended application

If you have any more questions about the Makita drill range or another brand’s offering please feel free to give us a ring on +44 (020) 8532-5000, drop us an email to sales@its.co.uk, or connect with us on Facebook.

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