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What Makita Drill is Best?

In this article, we breakdown the various models of Makita cordless drills so you’ll know the range well enough to make the right choice when buying a new Makita drill. Over the last couple of years Makita had updated a lot of their range and, if anything, it’s now even harder to decipher!

If you’re in the trade, then you are already familiar with Makita as the largest manufacturer of Power Tools in the UK. Their huge range of cordless tools is the most comprehensive available and their reasonable price is a real selling point.

The Makita range is so vast that it could seem daunting when purchasing a drill for yourself. Even a seasoned professional may not know if the 458 or 459 is the right model for their job! The model numbers are often difficult to understand but hopefully after reading this you’ll be able to pick the drill that does the job you need it to.

Which Makita Drill 2017
  DHP459 DHP482 DHP484 DHP458 DHP481
Battery 18v Li-ion 18v Li-ion 18v Li-ion 18v Li-ion 18v Li-ion
Torque 45Nm 62Nm 54Nm 88Nm 115Nm
Motor brushless brushed Brushless Brushed Brushless
Weight 1.7Kg 1.7Kg 1.6Kg 2.3Kg 2.6Kg
Max in Wood 38mm 38mm 38mm 65mm 76mm
Purpose Light Duty General Duty General Duty Heavy Duty Heavy Duty

Key features:

  • “DHP”: The drills we are comparing are all “DHP”. This means they are combi drills (have a hammer-action). DHP or DDF it doesnt matter in terms of drill performance. The only difference is DHP = hammer action, DDF = no hammer action.
  • Battery: All the Makita drills we will be comparing are 18v Lithium-Ion battery compatible. They can all be used with any 18v Makita Battery including the new 6Ah.
  • Torque: The maximum force these drills can output
  • Motor: Brushless motors have increased run-time, performance, and life expectancy vs Brushed. They don’t require any maintenance either.
  • Weight: The weight of the body of the drill only. Batteries will add extra weight.
  • Max in Wood: The maximum diameter of bit that can be used in wood by this tool.


dhp459Makita DHP459

The entry level Brushless Makita drill is compact and lightweight. At only 192mm long the DHP 459 is perfect for smaller jobs where 18v power is still required. The single sleeve keyless chuck speeds up quick changes and the rubberised grip is designed for comfort.

An LED job light is fitted into the compact design to allow greater visibility in tight spaces. The brushless motor means this drill will run on for hours with no drop in performance. This drill is perfect for frequent lighter use.  



Makita DHP482

A general duty drill with brushed motor, the DHP482 has lots of torque for the price. One of ITS’s most popular models for quite some time this drill is one of the core components of many Makita kits.

All metal gears, battery protection circuit, and twin LED job lights – this drill is a professional option. Suitable for mixed daily use, the DHP 482 is light enough to carry all day but powerful enough to get bigger jobs done.



Makita DHP484

The brushless DHP484 is the newer general duty option from Makita. The gear housing is upgraded to all aluminium giving it a distinctive sturdier look whilst making it the lightest drill in our comparison.

A brushless motor and metal gears mean the DHP 484 will outlast lesser options. Slightly reduced torque numbers are the price paid for a smaller, longer-lasting machine. The DHP 484 is the perfect choice for tradesmen who tackle a variety of daily challenges and require a long-lasting, reliable, robust option.


dhp458Makita DHP458

The heavy duty DHP458 will be familiar to many Makita fans as the powerhouse of worksite combi-drills. Although it doesn’t feature a brushless motor the metal housing, impressive torque output and increased resistance to dust/drips make this a formidable tool.

Makita DHP 458s have taken a beating on sites up and down the country but for daily heavy duty work they remain one of the most popular choices. This drill is most suitable for tradesmen who regularly encounter heavy duty work in rugged environments.



Makita DHP481

The Brushless DHP481 is the flagship drill for Makita in 2017. All their latest Extreme Protection Technology (XPT) is combined with the power of their most powerful motor. The 125Nm of locking torque this machine produces is a massive improvement on the DHP458 and puts it up there with the most powerful drills on the market.

An ergonomic design including an extra-long side-handle and rubberized grip enables users to keep working in comfort for longer. The DHP 481 might not have the obvious “smart” features some top end drills are now incorporating but it’s rugged simplicity will appeal to many.


Makita Drills Compared

DHP482 vs DHP484 The two general duty drills DHP482 and DHP484 are very close in terms of performance but the newer DHP 484 has a longer runtime and lifetime due to its brushless motor. The DHP484 also benefits from the aluminium gear housing making it lighter and more rugged than the DHP 482.

DHP458 vs DHP481 The brushless motor is the key differentiator between these drills. The DHP481 has more torque, a longer run time and longer life expectancy. It also has Makita’s XPT badge which means it is more resistant to drops, spills, and dust. This is particularly impressive as the DHP458 was already very good at resisting these things.

Conclusion Makita’s 18v cordless range has a drill for every tradesman. The Makita 10.8v range has further options for lightweight work as the brand produces the perfect drill for each job. If you have any more questions about the Makita drill range or another brand’s offering please feel free to give us a ring on +44 (020) 8532-5000, drop us an email to sales@its.co.uk, or connect with us on Facebook.

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