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Festool Service All Inclusive

36-month cost protection guarantee

Festool 36-Month cost protection guarantee

Cover for repair costs - Wear parts included

No more annoying cost estimates and invoices. SERVICE all-inclusive from Festool is a comprehensive 36-month machine guarantee that includes all wear parts! In addition to material and manufacturing defects, the guarantee covers all wear parts (e.g. battery packs, carbon brushes, ball bearings, sealing rings, switches). Click here for further information.

36-month theft protection

Festool 36-month theft protection

Theft protection - even on the building site

Less complicated than insurance cover. Festool SERVICE all-inclusive insurance offers 36 months of protection against theft. Whether your machine is stolen from a workshop, vehicle or construction site, you will receive a brand new machine for an excess fee of only £100 inc VAT. Click here for further information.

15-day money back guarantee

Festool 15-day money back guarantee

Risk-free purchase

You can test all Festool products within 15 days of purchase. If the machine does not live up to expectations, simply return it to your dealer to receive a refund of the purchase amount. SERVICE all-inclusive not only allows you to use the machine in practical applications, it also offers total investment security. Click here for further information.

10-year spare part availability

Festool 10-year spare part availability

Long-term spare parts availability

Festool machines are high-quality, hard-wearing products designed for use in the long term. To ensure the machines perform for many years, Festool guarantees availability of spare parts for 10 years after the product is discontinued. If we no longer stock your spare part for the period specified, you will receive a new machine free of charge as a replacement. Many spare parts from Festool UK's older models are available for longer than 10 years. Click here for further information.

Repair Order

Festool SERVICE all-inclusive guarantees quick and professional repairs. Simply follow the instructions below to organise your tool repair:
  • Download Festool's online repair form and return to Festool UK at the address shown
  • Once form is received, Festool UK will contact you to arrange collection from your selected address free of charge
  • Your repair will be processed and the service team will arrange return delivery to you free of charge

  • Rapid Spare Parts Delivery

    Spare parts/spare parts catalogue. To locate the correct spare part, you will require the machine model and part number (basic unit no.) for your machine. This information is located on the machine identification plate.

    Click here to access the spare parts catalogue

    Once you have located the correct part, you can order it from Festool's spare part sales department by telephoning +44 (0)1284 760791. Parts are usually delivered 1 to 2 working days after the order is placed and payment is received.


    Register for myFestool free of charge and benefit from the full range of Festool services online. You have a constant overview of all machines registered for SERVICE all-inclusive, can request and track repairs, be the first to know about the latest Festool news and much more. Registration is completely free and offers many convenient advantages. Click here to register.

    Customer Support Team

    Festool UK's customer support team have a wealth of experience and can assist you to insure that you get the best from your Festool tools.
  • Would you like to improve your techniques or skills in working with Festool's tools?
  • Are you interested in purchasing a new Festool tool but would like to try it first?
  • Have you bought a Festool product but aren't achieving the results you would expect?
  • If you require help on any of the above, then please contact Festool UK's customer support team!

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