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The calls our advisors take are as varied as can be - technical questions, building bespoke kits to meet our customers’ needs, item exchanges or calls from customers who simply like to ‘speak to a human being’ and place orders the ‘old-fashioned’ way’. Whatever the reason, the service we offer every single person that calls us is of the highest standard.

This is because we engage with people - whether they’re an existing, new or potential customer - and ensure that we not only meet their individual needs but also do our utmost to exceed their expectations every single time we take a call.

To achieve this, our Advisors must have an in-depth knowledge of our entire product range (don’t panic, full training is given!) and they also have to be able to think on their feet - every day poses new questions, no matter how long you’re been here so working in this department is a constant learning curve!

Unfortunately we have no Customer Contact Centre positions currently available

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Help and Advice