Cordless Grinders

Cordless grinders (or angle grinders) are a staple of the construction industry and are omnipresent in many tradesmen’s tool bags. Grinders have a multitude of uses, perfect for cutting, grinding, polishing and sanding so in many trades, they are an essential tool.

The range here at ITS includes Bosch, Dewalt, Hitachi, Makita, Metabo, Milwaukee and Panasonic with a variety of voltages so getting the right tool can get confusing. For peace of mind and advice you can always give us a call and we’ll help guide you through the different choices.



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  1. 18v Li-ion Brushless Grinder 115mm - Body
    Makita DGA463Z 18v Li-ion Brushless Grinder 115mm - Body
  2. Makita DGA452Z 18v LXT Li-ion Grinder 115mm - Body
  3. Dewalt DCG412 18v XR Li-ion Grinder - Body
    ex VAT (£143.99 inc VAT)
    In Stock
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  4. Makita DGA456Z 18v LXT Li-ion Brushless Cordless Grinder 115mm - Body
    SAVE £30.00
  5. Dewalt DCG405 18v XR Brushless 125mm Grinder - Body
  6. Makita DGA513Z 18v Li-ion Brushless Grinder 125mm - Body
  7. 18v Li-ion Brushless 115mm Grinder - Body
    Milwaukee M18CAG115XPD-0 18v Li-ion Brushless 115mm Grinder - Body
    SAVE £10.00
  8. 18v Li-ion Brushless Grinder 115mm - Body + Case
    Makita DGA463ZSC 18v Li-ion Brushless Grinder 115mm - Body + Case
    SAVE £13.00
  9. Milwaukee M18CAG115XPDB-0 18v Brushless FUEL Grinder - Body
  10. Dewalt DCG405FN-XJ 18v XR Brushless 125mm Flathead Angle Grinder - Body
  11. Dewalt DCG414T2 54v XR FLEXVOLT Li-ion 125mm Angle Grinder
    ex VAT (£503.99 inc VAT)
    Available Soon
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  12. 18v Li-ion Brushless Grinder 115mm - Body
    Makita DGA467Z 18v Li-ion Brushless Grinder 115mm - Body
    ex VAT (£173.99 inc VAT)
    Available Soon
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  13. Hikoki G18DSL/L4 18v Li-ion Cordless Grinder - Body
  14. Makita 18v LXT Li-ion Cordless Grinder 115mm
    Makita DGA452RME Makita 18v LXT Li-ion Cordless Grinder 115mm
  15. Panasonic EY46A2X 18v Li-Ion Cordless Grinder - Body
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Cordless Grinders

Who needs a Cordless angle grinder?

In metalworking, grinding tools are an absolute must, as they have various uses for cutting metal and smoothing welded surfaces like you see on wrought iron gates and metal fences. Plus, depending on the disc you attach, grinders are able to remove paint and rust from metallic surfaces. For decorators and stonemasons, they can also be useful as there are attachments available to enable grinders to cut materials such as tiles and paving slabs without having to be stuck at a mounted grinding tool.

What are the benefits of this type of tool?

Obviously, having a multitude of different applications gives flexibility and offers good value for money. There is a large choice of discs available for the range of different applications that a tradesman would use an angle grinder for. Additionally, grinder discs are quick and easy to change so you can work efficiently when on a complex job. Angle grinders generally come with a side handle which can be attached to both sides of the tool for the benefit of right and left handed tradesmen.

Why would I have cordless grinder?

Working cordlessly makes life a lot easier when working on site. Without the disadvantage of trailing power cables, you are free to work at height and away from the mains plug and with the development of battery technology over the past few years, consistent and long-living power is at your fingertips. With Li-ion batteries, ranging from 10.8v to 18v, you get high power combined with low weight and no memory. Cordless grinders currently come in 115mm disc size but despite of this limitation, the full gamut of different metal and masonry discs are available to you.

Why use ITS?

Here at ITS, we have a carefully selected assortment of cordless grinders, with various makes and models available. We hold 99% of items in stock and with next day delivery, we promise to get all the tools you need to you when and where you need them. Our customer services team are experts in all power tools, and know all the information you need to advise and guide you when buying cordless power tools so just give us a call if you